Rammstein Tease The Arrival Of New Music

The German outfit have released a video teaser via their social media channels, and promise to reveal more this Friday at 4pm UK time.

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Rammstein's Till Lindemann - Photo: Martin Philbey/Redferns

Rammstein are teasing the arrival of new music. The German outfit have released a video teaser via their social media channels, and promise to reveal more on Friday at 4pm UK time (5pm CET, 11am EST).

The 26-second clip is shot in murky water, and features creaking noises and a muted, somewhat mournful piano. There’s a severed rope, and what might or might not be a corpse. It’s all very Rammstein in its execution.

The band have also added an upcoming premiere to their official YouTube page, giving it the title Zeit Kommt (“Time Is Coming”), further fueling the arrival of new music. ‘Zeit Kommt’ may a single title, or it may merely reflect the fact that the video hasn’t arrived yet. Further information is likely to follow but the general assumption is that the new music could well be the first step along the road to the release of the band’s hugely anticipated follow-up to 2019’s self-titled album.

Rammstein have also updated their logo across their social media accounts, which now features Dirk Rudolph’s iconic design – first used on the “Sonne” single in 2001 – in gold, on a red background.

Last month, German composer/musical director Sven Helbig – who contributed to the group’s new album – suggested that the album’s releases may be held up due to a shortage of paper.

Speaking to the denizens of RammWiki, Helbig said, “They need to be able to send out a large number of CDs and records, i.e. lots of booklets and covers, worldwide at one go. And that’s probably not feasible right now.

“My work is finished,” he added. “Two weeks ago I finally delivered. For the band, this hang-up is annoying now. The six of them don’t know when the album is coming, they don’t know if the tour is going to happen this year. They want to move forward, they want to play, but instead, like almost all musicians, they’re sitting there wringing their hands, waiting for decisions to finally be made.”

Earlier this week, Rammstein issued a statement of support for the people of Ukraine, saying, “Each member of the band has various experiences of the two countries; all members of the band have friends, associates, partners, fans in both lands. We acknowledge the desperation that many Russian fans may feel when faced with the actions of their government, and we want to remember the humanity shared by both Russian and Ukrainian citizens.”

Rammstein’s 2022 tour is due to kick off in Prague in May. Visit the band’s official website for further information about all the dates.

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