The 25 Greatest Psychedelic Albums

July 30, 2016

Our celebration off all things psychedelic continues with this exclusive list of our choices for the greatest psychedelic albums of all time. This is not a list of No.1 to 25 - that would be way too difficult - but it seems right to start the list with ‘Revolver’, the record that started the whole thing off.

In the wake of The Beatles setting yet another trend there were a whole host of psychedelic albums, but don't think for a minute that it all ended in the 60s. Tame Impala and Ty seagull continue to blaze a psych trail and in the 1990s Andrew Gold and Graham Goldman, aka The Fraternal Order of All, created a masterpiece with ‘Greetings From the Planet Love’.

We'd like to hear what you think should have been on the list of best psychedelic albums ever…

The Beatles – Revolver
Cream – Disraeli Gears
Jimi Hendrix – Axis Bold As Love
Axis Bold as love.c
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Pink Floyd – Piper At the Gates of Dawn
Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Iron Butterfly / In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida LP
Nirvana – The Story of Simon Simopath
The 13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators
The Soft Machine
Soft Machine - 1
Love - Forever Changes
Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow
Aphrodite’s Child - 666
Country Joe & the Fish – Electric Music For the Mind And Body
Country Joe
The Pretty Things – S F Sorrow
The Fraternal Order of All – Greetings From the Planet Love
The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties
H.P. Lovecraft
Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread
The Doors
Captain Beefheart – Trout Mask Replica
Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica 1969
Grateful Dead – Anthem Of The Sun
Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum
Blue Cheer Vincebus
July – debut
Tame Impala - Currents


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  1. Steve Brassington

    You should add Caravan’s album “In the Land of The Grey and Pink”. Classic UK psychedelic prog Rock
    Steve Brasso

      1. Mark Crane

        Many good choices however, call me crazy, but I think that many of these albums, while absolutely great, are on your list simply because of the cover art and not the style of the music.

        1. Jim Bear

          Perfect comment Mr Crane…Revolver was as far from a Psychedelic album. The cover looked cool and that was about all. Lucy in the Sky might fit in for the Beatles in that category. I am 60 and grew up with this music…hell CCR did more psychedelic music then a lot of bands here. Jefferson Airplane was spot on…one of the best . Country Joe and the Fish…Zappa. I wish they would have put up 100 and let us vote.

          1. donal sheehy

            Revolver had Tomorrow Never Knows as a definite and a few other Lennon tracks in the ball park……..Plus the cover :O)

          2. Bear Nichols

            Perfect answer,,,I too am 60…Let us pick out the top 100 hits…no mention of canned Heat,,CCR or Lou reed…some were great picks but Revolver,,,,number one…never dropped clearlight thats for damn sure…


    1. Tony Koorlander

      Totally agree with Land of Grey and Pink…but the Ultimate one has to be the Radiophonic Workshp crews ‘freelancer’ cult album ‘White Noise Electric Storm’featuring Brian Hodgson and Delia Derbyshire. A totally unique and incredibly deep psychedelic offering from the masters of the era.

      1. Richard Hugh Peyton

        Hello from Scotland, Tony.
        re White Noise – An Electric Storm.
        I wholeheartedly agree, Tony. A one-off masterpiece.
        In the ’80s I lent my vinyl copy to a friend and didn’t get it back. Had to wait until Feb. ’04 to spot a lone cd copy in a music shop in Edinburgh.

    2. Andrew

      Where would “Snakefinger-Greener Postures” fall in? or “The United States of America-The American Metaphysical Circus”? or “King Crimson-The Deception of the Thrush &or The Court of the Crimson King”? and yea “Caravan”?

      Or maybe the list just needs to be bigger? haha

    3. Eric

      good to see that there are so many comments on Caravan Great band that had a good run. Many more could be added. Zappa? not the music but with the art on albums he could have a few on here.

        1. Lori

          I agree! The Godfather’s of Psychedelic Rock is missing! Long live Bubble Puppy! And they’re playing around Texas these days….Better than ever!

      1. tom koffer

        I remember Hawkwind, saw them around ’74, the sax player had an alien/lizard head mask on, tho I was on acid so that may or may not of happened.

        1. Brian Skinner

          Hey Mark you are in luck, Nik Turner the sax player is still touring and putting out new material and has a hot band with two gals who play moog and violin.

          On tour NOW in USA.


        BOBARINO…….HAWKWIND……COOL! I have at least 3 cd’s of HAWKWIND


      3. Jon Vought

        I sure remember Hawkwind. Hall of the Mountain Grill was an important part of the soundtrack to my own personal psychedelic phase.

    1. Denny

      .The Litter should be mentioned for their cover of ‘I’m a Man’. It goes into orbit in under three minutes.

  2. Richard kozlowski

    What about Arzachal? Court of crimson king king crimson Or happy trail by QMS?
    If we staying in 60s then surely white album surpasses revolver ditto sgt peppers? And what about the great magic band strictly personal? Idle race birthday party? Soon many

  3. John of VA

    The Electric Flag soundtrack from The Trip, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Amon Duul, Fever Tree, and Silver Apples.

    1. Ian

      Just about any Parliament/Funkadelic qualifies, Maggot Brain especially. I once heard George Clinton say that his mission in life was to prove black people could do acid too.


    The most underrated but definitive psychedelic music work, in my opinion, are Arthur Brown’s triumvirate Kingdom Come albums. Just to pick one: Journey.

    1. Tim Smith

      Lucky enough to hang out with Arthur and the band at the time. Really genuine and nice people. Love those albums.

  5. Jazzfool

    ‘Future Games’ by Spirit and ‘A Wizard A True Star’ by Todd Rundgren are both glaring omissions.

    1. Pat McGroin

      Dittos! Haphash and the Colored Coat are more psychedelic (by my definition anyway) than half of these artists! I also think “Wheels of Fire” is more so that Disreali Gears! And where is The Incredible String Band? Don’t tell me they’ve been disqualified “because they’re folk”?

      1. Firannion

        Absolutely ISB should be on here, especially the early albums like Wee Tam & the Big Huge, Changing Horses and The 10,000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion (the latter of which has the trippiest album cover EVER).

  6. Raksim

    Have you ever heard of an album called
    The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds?
    A concept album released by Electra in 1967. Definitely psychedelic.

    1. john aitken

      I still have this album best listened to with subdued lighting and a generous glass of single malt whisky

    2. john aitken

      I still have this album best listened to with subdued lighting and a generous glass of single malt whisky

  7. Tuan

    What about Animal Collective? They have albums that more popular, more critically acclaimed and most importantly more psychedelic then lots of the albums on this list. They might not be psychedelic rock, but they’re certainly very trippy.

  8. Geoffrey Hutson

    I would put After Bathing At Baxters by the Jefferson Airplane along with Surrealistic Pillow..Even more so!

  9. Mike

    A Canadian band called Nucleus, their only album self titled 1969 check it out, these guys were excellent! Members went on to form another classic Canadian Band called Foot in cold water…it’s on spotify

  10. JulianC

    The Nice – “The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack” up there with “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” as classic UK Psychedelia

  11. Danny Madison

    You left off my Top 2: Spirit “The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus” and Caravan “If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It All Over You”!

  12. Robin Crutchfield

    Hard to believe that Big Brother’s “Cheap THrills” didn’t make the list. Or, The Moody Blues ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord” or Fleetwood Mac’s “Then Play On”, or The Incredible String Band’s “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter” or Donovan’s “Gift From A Flower To A Garden”.

    1. Mark Crane

      Couldn’t agree more about the Moody Blues. Also, it looks like a lot of the albums, while great, were included more for the cover art than the style of music.

      1. Kim Dione

        Agree whole heartedly regarding the Moody Blues. Always the first albums of choice to listen to while doing acid. Also, Spirit should be included…an excellent band so often overlooked.

  13. dc

    The Airplane’s After Bathing at Baxter’s more psychedelic than Pillow, as is the Doors’ Strange Days compared to their debut…No doubt novice interns put this list togethre from Google searches…

  14. George

    Spirit – Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus belongs ahead of most of these. Spirit is often over looked for some reason.

    1. Keith Jordan

      I saw The Illusion in concert, promoting their third and last album. They were so great, I immediately bought all three albums. They also made a top-40 single. It’s good to see them remembered.

  15. Psychedelicpiper

    “Currents” is not a psychedelic rock album. It has some elements, but Tame Impala has essentially put the genre behind him with that album. “Innerspeaker” would have been the obvious choice for most fans of the genre.

  16. Robert

    I certainly would rate “Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus” by Spirit somewhere in the top 25 psychedelic albums of all time as well….

  17. Randy Dethrow

    You know, when I think of ‘psychedelic’ I think of music so far out it scrambles your brain, and almost nothing on this list is all that weird or trippy. Leaving out Hawkwind – the originators of ‘space rock’ is just plain wrong. And if you’re going to stick with the 60s and 70s, leaving out “The Parable of Arable Land” by Red Krayola is unforgivable. You want trippy? “California” by Mr. Bungle. “Last Rights” by Skinny Puppy. “Duck Stab” by the Residents. “Psychic Powerless: Another Man’s Sac” by the Butthole Surfers. “The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse” by the Legendary Pink Dots. “The Sylvie and Babs Hi Fi” by Nurse with Wound. “First Grand Constitution and Bylaws” by Secret Chiefs 3, “25,000 Feet Per Second” by Farflung, and a whole host of other bands who were certainly weirder and lend themselves to mind expansion more than anything on this list.

    1. stuart

      a great anthology of psychodelia from randy, impressed….i was arround for the origional ,but perhaps i should brush up on more recent stuff.,,, the gods and the zombies had a bit of the feel too!!…i feel that the recording gear bands used also had a big influence on the sound ,phasing being the most obvious. i still think hole in my shoe by traffic fills the role of best “pop” psychodelic music followed by the worst,..status qou, pictures of matchstic men!!!.
      bad psychodelic music is like the awfull “reggae” atempted by big rock stars/ bands,embarrasing…

  18. Jeff Brown

    Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention “”Freak Out”!
    Jefferson Airplane “After Bathing at Baxter’s”
    Pink Floyd “Meddle”

    You may have to expand it to 30! Jeff

  19. Shakashuri

    No Gong? Tsk Tsk….You is easily the greatest space rock album of all time. Also, I dunno if I’d call Captain Beefheart psychedelic. Weird, experimental, avant-garde for sure, but probably not psychedelic. Drop the Nirvana album, add You by Gong, and I’d be okay with the list. As it stands though, like most top lists, you’ve favored popular bands over bands that are far more psychedelic but lesser known.

    1. Nick Watt

      Kansas and Styx were pretty 2nd rate prog rock bands, neither band has anything to do with psychedelia. This isn’t a game of let’s list my favourite bands from the 60s and 70s FFS.

  20. Galad Elflandsson

    a pair from Canada
    Plastic Cloud (1968)
    Bent Wind “Sussex” (1969)
    and “A Psychedelic by Phantasia” (1969)

  21. Cathy Boucher

    The first two albums of Ultimate Spinach, The group Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Mad River, The Fraternity of Man, of Course Quicksilver Messenger Service.
    From Germany Ash Ra Temple with Manuel Gottsching. Also, from England, Quintessence.
    There are quite a lot not mentioned!

    1. javadava

      I was looking for Ultimate Spinach my psychedelic brother. They weren’t the best but they coulld weave a good trip.

    2. javadava

      I was looking for Ultimate Spinach my psychedelic brother. They weren’t the best but they coulld weave a good trip.

  22. Joe Duke

    Maggot Brain – Funkadelic, Double Bummer – Bongwater, Inner Visions – Stevie Wonder, Bitches Brew – Miles Davis, In the Court of the Crimson King – King Crimson. Also, Sauceful of Secrets or Atom Heart Mother BBC would be better choices for Pink Floyd. And Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs really should be included.

  23. Chromex

    AT least in rock you can’t get any more psychedelic then
    1. Angel’s Egg- Gong
    2. Fish Rising- Steve Hillage
    but also , even more psychedelic than anything on the above list:
    1. Sun Ra It’s After The End of the World
    2. John Coltrane Ascension
    3/ Alan Silva and the Celestrial Communications Orchestra- Seasons
    4. K. Stockhausen Sternklang
    5. Tetsu Inoue- Inland

    Try listening while under the influence

  24. scott weber

    I would include Moody Blues, “Days of Future Passed” and (knowing you already included a Floyd album), “Meddle”.

  25. Keith

    How ‘Tame Impala – Currents’ made this list is just bizarre. That is, by far, their most pop album to date. There is little (if anything) psychedelic about any track on it.

  26. 52dedhed

    What about The Moody Blues “In Search of the Lost Chord”, Grace Slick and the Great Society (“White Rabbit” before Jefferson Airplane), The Blues Magoos “Psychedelic Lollipop”, OMG, just too many to mention. As with ALL “Top” lists they are the opinions of the list-maker.

  27. Angelo Furlan

    How about the Electric Prunes? Their second album, “Underground,” is awash with tremolo and reverb and more fuzz than you can shake an amp with.

  28. David Steele

    “It’s A Beautiful Day” should rate a mention. And possibly George Harrison’s “Wonderwall Music.”

  29. Amy Kadori

    Jefferson Airplane’s Crown of Creation WAS meant to be played on an acid trip. It took you on a space ship to another planet and at one point had fabulous sound effects that made your head explode. Back in the day it was a MUST when I altered my consciousness.

  30. Cliff Merganz

    I’ve heard all but maybe 4 of those albums and think you have a great list. A list of the greatest Psychedelic Songs would probably be another good list. Summertime, by Big Brother and the Holding Company was voted by Guitar Player Magazine as having the most psychedelic solo of all time a few years ago.

  31. S. R.

    No Sgt. Pepper? No Lothar (Space Hymn)??? No Deep Purple (Shades Of)???? Not a bad start but without these 3, this list is seriously lacking

  32. Thepsych

    Cool that HP Lovecraft made the list! Very underrated some of the best Psych sounds of the 60s, but should have been their 2nd album!! Beatles you got it right, revolver is my fav as well. Rolling Stones shouldn’t be on that list, I would pick something else, for an exemple some of Spirit’s masterpiece albums. Elevators should have been easter everywhere. Otherwise great list. Alot of these albums I would use on my top 10 list as well.

  33. Deborah OConnor

    As a survivor of that era, I’ve been around for all of it. Shocked that you chose Revolver over Sgt. Pepper. It was certainly hinting in that direction but I remember well when Sgt. Pepper came out. It was like an atomic musical explosion that resounded all over the world. Spring 1967 leading into the Summer of Love, Haight Ashbury, all of it. I was 18 that year and it was an exciting and magical time to be young. Make no mistake, Sgt. Pepper was the springboard that freed musicians to try new and bold stuff. I saw the Beatles, the Stones, Country Joe and the Fish, Cream, the Doors, so many of them. Wish I’d seen them all, thanks for the review and the gorgeous psychedelic album covers.

  34. Robert Lovejoy

    I agree with most of the comments and would also suggest Bob Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde. The album jacket (a photo of Dylan in a jacket!) was photographed slightly out of focus and looked amazing “under the influence”. The first Creedence album and the first Jethro Tull album were also magnificent. Still, my go to trip music was always QMS, particularly The Fool.

  35. Keith

    Also very odd that nothing by The Black Angels made this list. They are far more psychedelic than Tame Impala. ?

  36. Dan McCrory

    How about Yes? Listened to all their albums back to back one night on acid. Believe me, they fit the bill!

  37. Chris Paulsen

    Santana’s Abraxas and/or Caravansarai should’ve been picked as among the foremost psychedelic albums. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, The Mothers of Invention’s Absolutely Free and Herbie Hancock’s Thrust would’ve among my choices too.

    1. Mark S

      Absolutely Free?

      “Hey, punk, where you goin’ with that flower in your hand?
      I’m goin’ up to Frisco to join a psychedelic band.” — Frank Zappa

      And earlier that same record,

      “Flower Power Sucks.”

    1. Gary Griffith

      Bingo!!! These are true to the form of psychedelic music. Most of the albums listed have nothing to do with the music art form of psychedelia! I agree also with Spirit, King Crimson, the Moody Blues (hello!!!!), and let’s see, the Beatles? What about Magical Mystery Tour!? What about Tangerine Dream? It’s about the music!!!!

  38. Chris

    Baxters by the Airplane is much more trippy than Pillow. Crown of Creation as well.
    Great Society with Grace Slick shouldve been on the list along with Sunfighter and Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun.
    Blows Against The Empire and not to forget Grace Slicks first solo album Manhole as well.
    Your whole top twenty could havr been filled with Jefferson Airplane and its off shoots!
    Parrellelograms by Linda Perhacs is another one that shouldve made it 🙂

  39. Acrid

    Though I’d been listening to many of these by 69, it was Jeff Beck’s Truth & Dr. John’s The Night Tripper that open the door to psychedelic music for me.

  40. Mark S

    I think you should have put “We’re Only in it for the Money” (the greatest anti-psychedelic album of all time… which makes your inclusion of Trout Mask Replica even more wrong-headed) on this list so that some unsuspecting soul would have streamed it immediately after listening to Iron Butterfly and had an aneurysm. Oh, an why Traffic rather than Mr. Fantasy? Had you just not heard it? I swear you picked some of these after doing nothing more than Googling their cover images.

  41. Grant McIntosh

    United States of America’s eponymous album…..Garden of Earthly Delights, Coming Down, Love Song For The Dead Che, Cloud Song etc. Wonderful stuff.

  42. Tom Mott

    For additional consideration:

    Funkadelic – Funkadelic
    Sly & the Family Stone – There’s a Riot Goin’ On
    Zombies – Odeyssey and Oracle
    Small Faces – Ogdens Nut Gone Flake
    Can – Tago Mago

  43. WesC

    Why does Trout Mask Replica make these lists? Just because an album is weird and was made in the 60s doesn’t make it psychadelic. Captain Beefheart only did acid one time, and he wasn’t impressed. He was just a naturally strange dude.

  44. motomech

    A main criteria should be the “effect on culture” and on the basis of that the Moody Blues and The Vanilla Fudge should have been included.
    Fun “also-rans” would be the two Captains, Captain Beyond’s Dancing Madly Backwards and Randy California’s studio album, Kaptain Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds.

  45. ArtJ

    If BubblePuppy was on the list, then Fever Tree should be on it. Imitation Situation and San Fransisco Girls were top psycadelic songs.

  46. Max Rosan

    You’ve all been played like fools. At the end of the album list, please read: “uDiscover is a brand new way to find out more about music from Universal”. Yes, some of the LPs shown were psychedelic back in those days. But as others have commented, some of the albums mentioned were not truly psychedelic, while other truly psychedelic albums (though not necessarily Universal Inc. productions) didn’t make it on this list. Dear whoever created this “psychedelic” list of albums: what was your point? Does Universal claim to own the corner market of psychedelia? There were *so* many cottage label records in the 1960s of truly psychedelic music, and you have left them out. For shame.

  47. jim

    Fever Tree and Captain Beyond should have been included. I agree, Capt. Beef Heart should have been left out. No inclusion of any Zappa is really strange. I’ve experienced all three while tripping and can attest to their ability to raise the enjoyment factor. Pink Floyd’s Meddle lp is most enjoyable while in an altered state. Now you need to do part two of this list.

  48. jim "Earl" Munroe

    R U serious? Hendrix 1st ALBUM w/ PURPLE HAZE, ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? THE WIND CRIES MARY, and HEY JOE and more. It was a revoluntionary LP. It was a Psychdelic start to what came after. Come on, get it RIGHT!!!

  49. barry Selcovitz

    Kaleidoscope (Mexican psychedelic band … not the U.S, band) / Morgen (killer fuzz psych ) / High Tide – Sea Shanties

  50. phil

    Dukes of Stratosphere’s 25 O’clock should be in there + Beefheart’s Strictly Personal rather than Trout.

  51. Kev Stacey

    Stonefield are the perfect carriers of the psychedelic torch into the 21st century, and their latest album “As Above, So Below” would be a perfect addition to this list, ditto their debut album “Stonefield”. If you’re not familiar with their work, go to their YouTube channel Stonefieldband, and their music is available on iTunes, and keep an eye out for their live shows.

  52. Dave

    Two missing that spring to mind straight away are Jimi’s “Are You Experienced” & The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper” (although I think “Revolver” is better than Pepper).

  53. Gerry Ross

    It’s hard to argue with this list, although I would have chosen Traffic’s MR. FANTASY over their second one (which is still a great ‘un, and my favorite album of theirs-it’s just not nearly as lysergic). Procol Harum’s debut and The Dukes Of Stratosphere’s 25 O’CLOCK would have been prime choices, too.

  54. Roberto Medeiros

    Gentle Giant´s “Acquiring the Taste” is the most psychedelic album the bandmade. I think it would fit well. Best regards !

  55. SES ZOO

    A good list , ,but like every one else we had our favorite in Pearls Before Swine albums ….. Will say being in my 60s now and still listening to most of these today , Maybe have to sit back and have a psychedelic Sunday on this 31st of July ,,

  56. Ed Johnson

    Amboy Dukes, Kalidascope, Beacon from Mars, Bongwater, Mourning Reign, Shadows of Knight, A giant crab comes forth, Bangor’s Flying Circus, Smooth Ball , Chambers Brothers time has come today, Balloon Farm, Lollipop Shoppe, Love DaCapo, Lyres, The E types Live, Gay Bikers on Acid, and my favourite Electric Lady land .

  57. Otto

    I agree with quite a few of the previous comments, having started to buy records in 1961, at age 7, and eventually amassing a collection of over 10,000 individual pieces. My collection ranges from the earliest Motown singles to current blu-ray releases, such as the recent XTC 5.1 remasters by Steve Wilson. Right off the top of my head, I would’ve included Todd Rundgren’s “A Wizard, A True Star”, released in March of 1973. That album was literally a trip, conceived by Rundgren after dropping acid! Unfortunately, it was so long, at over 55 minutes, that the sound quality suffered due to the limitations of a vinyl LP. Thankfully, a newly-remastered CD was released in December of 2014 with superior sound.

  58. Charlie D

    I think The Gun deserves an honorable mention. Also Steve Margoulis’ :Tonto’s ……(can’t remember the full name – had it on 8-track)

  59. James J Patterson

    How about the guy who invented Flower Power? Donovan’s Sunshine Superman, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Gift From A Flower To A Garden, Cosmic Wheels, Open Road all more than qualify. Cheers!

    1. Mike R Godwin

      Agreed: The most psychedelic Donovan album is Sunshine Superman, not Gift – Hurdy Gurdy Man and Mellow Yellow are excellent too.
      If you include Country Joe and the Fish, there is no excuse for not including East West by the Butterfield Blues Band as Eastern Jam is more or less a continuation of the instrumental East West
      Kevin Ayers and the Whole World’s Shooting At The Moon
      Syd Barrett’s The Madcap Laughs
      Incredible String Band ‘5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion’
      Tomorrow (Keith West, Steve Howe, Junior and Twink) were the best live psychedelic band I ever saw, closely followed by Blossom Toes.

      Da Capo is more psychedelic than Forever Changes, though it is a close thing.

    2. dan

      damn i thought id get through the whole list and no donovan of course he should be there. since you mentioned all those ill say there is a mountain and lelena and atlantis i still love them so much. oh also csn or csny for their inclusion and spirit of them, ex broken arrow by young. 🙂 and since i believe you put nirvana you gotta say smashing pumpkins. did anyone say santana? but thanks so much for this list OH I ALMOST FORGOT! BEACH BOYS PET SOUNDS YOU CAN GO SEE IT HES ON TOUR WITH IT NOW BRIAN WILSON 50TH ANNIVERSARY!!! 🙂 AND THE FONT IS TRIP!!! 🙂

  60. Brody

    You got Country Joe in there. To me, that’s a major plus.
    Though a list without The Byrds’ Fifth Dimension has a pretty huge hole in it.

  61. Wilhelm Hagberg

    A descent list containing most of the psychedelic highlights. I do miss the Incredible String Band, Vanilla Fudge, Tomorrow and United States of America however. Blue Cheer, the Doors and Traffic are certainly drug inspired but don’t really have a psychedelic approach in their music IMHO. Same goes for Capt. Beefheart who has his own brand of insanity that isn’t really psychedelic.

  62. paul carpanini

    For starters, Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, and Freak Out and Were Only in it For the Money, by The Mothers of Invention. The United States of America’s self titled debut album. And how about the Ultimate Spinach’s 1st album also self titled and their 2nd album Behold and See. And finally the Amboy Dukes Journey to the Center of Your Mind! All of these albums would be at the top of my list for all time best psych albums hands down.

    1. Scott Nelson

      Wonderwall and Electronic Sounds by Harrison. I also wonder if anyone remembers SRC “Milestones” very psychedelic!

  63. Ric

    How about The Bevis Frond?
    Triptych, New River Head or Son of Walter in particular.

    How come my comments never get posted?

  64. DeWitt T Perkins

    Noticed not one mention of a wonderful album from 1968, Brightest Selection Ogden’s Special Nut Gone Celebrated Flake Tobacco by The Small Faces. Sad

  65. bill

    25 albums is clearly inadequate. Try top 100 psych albums. Also perhaps state a darte cutoff? “Top 100 psych lps of the 60s and 70s”? If you let it go up till the present you’d need a top 500. Also state clearly the ‘one album per group’ rule which you seem to be followng but which many commenters dont seem to get. It should go without saying that any group with one album on the list probably did other psych lps too.

  66. Nick Watt

    My vote would be the two albums by the British Kaleidoscope ‘Tangerine Dream’ and ‘Faintly Blowing’ (both on Fontana). Also Odyssey and Oracle by the Zombies is a must. The Lame Impala album you chose is the least psychedelic thing they’ve ever done. You also missed out the Electric Prunes and all the other bands that appeared on Lenny Kaye’s excellent Nuggets album. Quite what King Crimson, Kansas, Styx, Todd Rundgren, Lyndsey Buckingham, The Cure,Fleetwood Mac, Mr Bungle or Skinny Puppy have to do with psychedelia I’ll never know, it seems some people will do anything to plug their favourite bands 😉
    P.S. Amazed that you left of Julian Cope off the list, especially as you own a big chunk of his catalogue!!!

  67. Jerry Nielsen

    It would be fun to see a vote. First, define “60’s mot Psychedelic album”. Artwork, content, both? Impact on our society??

  68. Glenn Rehse

    What about Plasticland or Rain Parade? The Dukes of Stratosphere? All better than The Fraternal Order.

  69. Bill McGuire

    Captain Beyond had an album, “Sufficiently Breathless” that might be included.
    Uriah Heep, maybe.
    Electric Prunes, probably.
    Fever Tree, definitely.
    Allan Parsons, I Robot, maybe. Tales of Mystery and Imagination, probably. Of course, you will likely call Parsons stuff something else.
    Spirit, yes.
    Donovan, yes.
    Tough making lists, but it certainly makes us think.

  70. John Knewitz

    All great selections and many more commented on, some of which I’ve never heard, or, in some cases, heard of (so much music, so little time!). I must say though, being a child of the 50’s and 60’s, in my mind Yellow Submarine really opened the door to the genre . . .

  71. Deano

    I can’t believe that The United States of America by the USA isn’t on there. It is possibly THE most psychedelic album of all time,…………………Why omit?????

  72. Kim Dione

    I am in total agreement with those who feel both the Moody Blues and Spirit should have been included in the list…especially the Moody Blues, as they were always the albums of choice to listen to while doing acid. Their music truly enhanced the hallucinations, defining the effect of psychedelic music.

    1. Erland Eikestad

      Those were Progressive/Hard Rock Bands, and it’s Uriah HEEP, dear (After a character in Charles Dickens’s “David Copperfield”). They had nothing to do with the Psychedelic era whatsoever. The bands the members played in prior to D.P. and U.H. might have been Psychedelic of some sorts, though.

      1. stuart royle

        yes erland,uria heep were an early “heavy rock”band as oppose to electric blues but were born out nof the gods who had psychedelic roots.

  73. Mick

    Have you ever heard about “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”? It’s considered the most important album of psychedelic era and of 1967 Summer of Love. It’s a record by The Beatles and it’s considered one of the most important in rock and pop history.

    1. Erland Eikestad

      Well; It’s been an ongoing and probably never ending discussion whether
      “Revolver” or “Sgt.Pepper…” is their top (Psychedelic) Album achievement.
      Revolver’s got “Yellow Submarine” which because of the Animated Movie, sort of started the Psychedelic Design and took Psychedelia into the Mainstream.
      Personally, I’d say “Sgt.Pepper”.
      However, if one stop and thinks for one second;
      “Magical Mystery Tour” might tip both from the Psychedelic Peak #1.
      It’s got “I Am The Walrus”, and “Flying”, “The Fool On The Hill”, and the list goes on.
      And The MOVIE’s probably the most Psychedelic journey ever done.
      But of course, This list’s all about ALBUMS.

  74. Dirk Schnork

    What about the Shaggs “Philosophy Of The World”? You will think you are on acid while listening to it.

  75. Ridiculous Dream Recordings

    Great list. Some very solid psychedelia in music. Of course Umma Gumma by Pink Floyd is the ultimate psychedelic Album.

  76. Tom Bachey

    The Number One, and I only saw one post that shod it, is Ogden’s Nutgone Celebrated Flake Tobacco by The Small Faces. Second place is a tie between several bands, and I don’t think anyone mentioned T. Rex Electric Warrior, either. Deep Purple – Fireball!! The Doors – When the Music’s Over! There is a lot of good music from that era, and I listen to SiriusXM and they play a lot of it.

  77. Patrick Longworth

    Cream’s album is my favourite of the ones on here that I have heard, I am not that keen on this genre of rock etc. One band that had similar music, yet not on the list, is The Ides of March from Chicago. Ogre, Ballad of Eleanor Rigby, Superman and other songs are just as creative and unusual as the psychedelic music represented above

  78. Richard

    Substitute ‘Safe As Milk’ for ‘Trout Mask Replica’ – definitely considered as psychedelic as Floyd’s Piper when it was released. Very popular with fans of psychedelia at the time.

    Omitting Incredible String Band baffles me. ‘Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter’ was definitely considered as having a strong psychedelic vibe at the time and was far more popular with those fans than ‘folkies’ who disowned it.

  79. Jay

    Lots of good suggestions in the comments. The first 3 GONG albums and Syd Barrett’s “The Madcap Laughs” are10x more psychedelic than half of the original list!

  80. Beresford du-Cille

    What about “We are Ever So Clean” and “If Only for a Moment” both by Blossom Toes? Then there is ‘Music in a Doll’s House’ by Family? Terrific albums and typically psychedelic.

  81. henry

    You can take Nirvana off your list. Nothing they ever did was remotely psychedelic. You should have included The American Metaphysical Circus by Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies.

  82. Malte

    Good list and good suggenstions here but i miss BRAINTICKET – “Cottonwoodhill” and SPOOKY TOOTH – “Ceremony”: Very trippy…

  83. Mark

    No Bubble Puppy here??? Gathering of Promises is easily in the top 10. Without that one, the list lacks relevance.

  84. Mike S

    Agree with Doors, but what about L.A?
    Echoes from Meddle, Dark Side?
    Zappa – Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Hot Rats?
    beatles White Album? – ask Charlie
    Cream Disraeli Gears
    Caravan to Midnight Trower
    Harvest, Goldrush, Walk On -N Young
    Colours Eberhard Weber
    Ambient albums by Eno
    White Noise Electric Storm weird
    TomWaits Swordfish Trombones, Mule Variations

  85. Mike S

    Culpeper’s Orchard Second Sight
    George Harrison Living in the Material World
    Cat Stevens Buddha & The Chocolate Box

  86. Hippie_true

    Hit or miss of songs from a nobody who never lived in the 60’s. Where is Moby Grape, where is the best psyco hit song that hit the charts, ‘Crimson and Clover’ by Tommy James. Just listen t that stoned… And where is the number one psyco band Pink Floyd? Listen to most of their music wiil make you a believer.



  88. Chris Elliott

    Here’s a few for the list, though some of it might be concept or prog. rock. Regardless here’s a few titles to think about : King Crimson – In The Court Of Crimson King, Radiohead – Ok Computer, The Police – Synchronicity, Rush – 2112, Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced?, I Mother Earth – Scenery And Fish, Pink Floyd – Ummagumma (& just about everything they released before Dark Side Of The Moon)

  89. Chris Elliott

    And so not to draw too much critique Everything Pink Ployd released could just about fit, just think the earlier ones are more trippy. Also perhaps David Bowie – Space Oddity, Alice Cooper – Welcome To My Nightmare.

  90. Mike S

    from all our comments, it shows how hard it is to define what pschedelic music is, and where is the boundary with progressive and mellow music, as is the problem with all genres in whatever art form. Is it music that sounds good when people are on drugs or is it music that supposedly emulates the effect of listening to music whilst on drugs? or (as in the case of many Beatles compositions) is it music that was composed by musicians as a result of their drug experiences? Mostly it seems that it’s just music that was trendy/cool with hippies in the 60’s i.e fashionable of that era.

  91. Larry

    King Crimson – Court of the Crimson King
    Santana – Abraxas
    Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells
    Land of Point – Harry Nilsson
    Beach Boys – Endless Summer
    Jimi – Are You Experienced?

  92. Nadorpa

    Dukes of Stratosphear (both albums)
    Post-modern but pretty damn good! Also
    A Wizard, a True Star by T. Rundgren.

  93. William McGinn

    I looked pretty hard and not a mention of Ten Years After and one of their great psychedelic tunes ‘50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain’..

  94. Bjorn

    I miss Moody Blues. In Search of the Lost Chord and To Our Chidren’s Children’s Children are surely as psychedelic as it gets.

  95. Nick Hales

    Always loved the Live Dead album from the Grateful Dead with ‘The Eleven’ and ‘St Stephen’. Also extremely obscure Ramases album sticks in my mind with Spire of St George’s Stockport taking off as a rocket on the cover, not the best but exceptional for unknowns..

  96. Mat

    The Music Machine – (Turn On), 13th Floor Elevators – Easter Everywhere, The Chocolate Watchband – No Way Out or The Inner Mystique & Red Crayola – Parable of Arable Land.

  97. Byron

    Some additions:
    The Small Faces Ogdens Nut Gone Flake
    Ultimate Spiniach Behold & See
    Bubble Puppy A Gathering Of Promises
    Buffalo Springfield Again
    Janus Gravedigger

  98. Anderson Brown

    I love Axis: Bold As Love, but strictly speaking I think both Are you Experienced? and Electric Ladyland are more “psychedelic.”

  99. Tim Smith

    Being a pom from that era obviously greatly influenced by the home grown scene as our access to the great US music scene was limited to listening to John Peel on tinny transistor radios. One I would add is from 67 Art ” Supernatural Fairy Tale” they morphed into Spooky Tooth who are always worth a mention

  100. RYNO21A

    This list is lame. No Vanilla Fudge, Electric Prunes, Seeds, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, or Amboy Dukes? Vanilla Fudge should definitely be on the list.

  101. Caio Rocha

    As a lot of people have mentioned, Odessey & Oracle is probably the most striking absence. I agree Caravan is missing too, but I’d pick their self-titled debut, since they only got more progressive/pop on further albums. Not sure about Revolver… if you want a Beatles one, I’d have to agree with this other commenting person that Magic Mystery Tour is their most psychedelic, even if it’s not as innovative. But then I’m not sure if the Beatles should be there at all. The Byrds aren’t, so historical importance is clearly not the point for the list. That said, neither Hendrix nor Cream nor the Doors nor Aphrodite’s Child were ever thaaat psychedelic. The Stones were, that one time, but I’m not sure if they stand side by side with all those naturals. Also, Happy Trails, Live/Dead and Easter Everywhere are trippier than QSM, Anthem of the Sun and (believe it or not) Psychedelic Sounds. The British Nirvana is not good enough. July and H.P. Lovecraft were awesome picks, though. Nice to remember the first Soft Machine and Traffic albums too, since they tend to be best remembered by their later stuff on other genres. And, of course, Electric Music for the Mind and Body, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Vincebus Eruptum, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Forever Changes and Surrealistic Pillow are all rightful psych classics. I’d add Moby Grape, Cheap Thrills and Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake just as easily, though. From the less obvious parts of the world, I’d suggest Brazil’s Os Mutantes (1968 self-titled) and Paêbirú (1975, by Zé Ramalho & Lula Côrtes), Argentina’s Almendra (1969 self-titled), Germany’s Neu! (1972 self-titled), Turkey’s Elektronik Türküler (1974, by Erkin Koray) and, also counting for more recent stuff, Sweden’s Commune (2014, by Goat), since Tame Impale wasn’t that good at their prime and had long passed it by the time they made Currents, let’s face it.

  102. Caio Rocha

    Oh, yeah, Vanilla Fudge and The United States of America would have been welcome too. Beefhearts and Pretty Things? Hum.. not so much. And you obviously meant Mr. Fantasy when you mentioned Traffic, right? Their second isn’t psychedelic at all. And why not include some psychedelic soul too? The Temptations’ Cloud Nine and the Chambers Brothers’ Time Has Come Today are really trippy and great, as is Fukadelic’s Maggot Brain.

  103. Caio Rocha

    Now if you wanted to make a list of important pioneers in the genre, it could have Butterfield’s East/West, , the Beatles’ Rubber Soul, Donovan’s Sunshine Superman, the Byrds’ Fifth Dimension, the Yardbirds’ Roger the Engineer, the Elevators’ Psychedelic Sounds, the Seeds’ self-titled, Blues Magoos’ Psychedelic Lolipop, the Mothers’ Freak Out! and even (why not?) The Velvet Underground & Nico. Or maybe Blues Project’s Projections?

  104. Rick

    You forgot about Frank Marino and the Mohagany Rush—Dragonfly
    And John Magloughlan —Birds of fire
    King Crimson—Court of the Crimson King
    Uriah Heep—-Everything They Did
    Flash—Both Albums
    I’m glad to see you put Blue Cheer in there.

  105. Webfellows

    What about Pearl. Janes Joplin with Big Brother and the holding companies. Whoever made this list was not alive during the Physcidelic era.

  106. Malcolm

    All of the above are worthwhile candidates from this era. But this is the mother lode. It is now a 4 CD set that has stuff you would have to look for ages to find. It is:
    Nuggets- Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965 – 1968

  107. Grant

    Weird list. Some are good choices; many make me scratch my head. Jimi Hendrix Experience for instance: Axis Bold as Love but not Are You Experienced?, it was the start of psychedelic music. How about King Crimson – Epitaph, The Amboy Dukes – Journey to the Center of the Mind, MC5 – Kick Out the Jams, Rotary Connection – Aladdin, Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed, Vanilla Fudge, Uriah Heep, Procul Harem, and on and on.

  108. Stathis

    Too many comments before I got to see this but need to highlight:

    United States of America (mentioned once already) and
    Electric Prunes – Mass in F Minor

  109. Daniel Hanlon

    You. Forgot. Pipers at thr gates dawn, saucer full of secrets. By pink floyd. How about. The electric prunes. I had to much to dream last night

  110. Captain

    Wheels of Fire – Cream. Many like Disreali Gears because they know Sunshine of Your Love but Wheels of Fire has far better music on it than most of the list above and all sorts of sound effects – if that is what psychedelic music is all about. Deceptive, illusory sounds, odd lyrics and brilliant playing all abound on this 1968 album.



  112. Jim Klassen

    Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced?, Traffic – Dear Mr. Fantasy, (going out on a limb here), Miles Davis – In A Silent Way..
    These three albums have many of the psychedelic elements that many of the above mentioned have too..

  113. Mark S.

    Definitely Beatles “Sargent Pepper” & “Magical Mystery Tour” & Donovan “Sunshine Superman” should have made the cut.

  114. Valerie Austyn

    Agree with many of the above comments – Sgt Pepper, Crown of Creation, Strawberry Alarm Clock, but what about ELP? – some pretty trippy keyboards there.

  115. Pete (Michael) Bloomfield

    All three Jimi Hendrex, Creams Wheels of Fire, and Disrali Gears, Sgt. Peppers, Led Zep ONE,
    Big Brother and the holding Co. W/ Janis Joplin, Iron Butterfly, (The FIRST Platnum LP!)In a Godda de edda,Frank Zappa, hot rats, Electric Flag, (imi Hendrex, Buddy Miles, Mike Bloomfield, The Trios(not a band…Just three in a band…..Black Sabbath, Cream , Electric Flag,
    Are truely amazing and totally out of sight, baby.

  116. Greydog

    Surrealistic Pillow is kind of a pop album. After Bathing At Baxter’s and Crown Of Creation are psychedelic albums. Wild Honey by the Beach Boys comes close. I prefer Quicksilver’s Happy Trails to their first album. Magical Mystery Tour is probably the Beatles most psychedelic. The 2nd Moody Blues album comes in pretty strong.

  117. Scott

    Hot Tuna – Phosphorescent Rat, Grateful Dead – Aoxomoxoa (instead of Anthem), Quicksilver – Happy Trails, Zep III, Miles Davis – Bitches Brew, Mahavishnu Orchestra (any), Renaissance – 1st album, Judy Henske & Jerry Yester – Farewell Aldebran….to name a few.

  118. Louis

    How about Les Rallizes Denudes also acid mothers temple some very good Japanese psychedelic out there also neib’rhood childr’n, pieces, Allah Las, soundcarriers, west coast pop art experimental band, aorta, ant trip ceremony, amon duul 2, five day week straw people, baby grandmothers, Churchill’s, factory, father yod, Haymarket square, Christopher. The list is endless and would be better as a top 5000 list.

  119. Kevin

    How about a long forgotten, little known band from Brooklyn – who’s debut album got them an opening act at The Fillmore East – opening for Black Sabbath on their Maiden USA tour…none other than Sir Lord Baltimore debuting with “Kingdom Come”

  120. Scott Nelson

    There were many more that were very psychedelic. This group of people ahead of me caught most of them. Great to listen to the old tunes. I was thinking of SRC “MILESTONES” out of Detroit and I agree strongly with Bubble Puppy. Iggy Pop or MC-5 anybody?

  121. Grateful Doug

    If a ‘psychedelic album’ is one that sounds good on psychedelics, why would anyone in that state play Pink Floyds’ “Piper” when they could listen to Meddle, Dark Side, or Wish You Were Here?

  122. Dewayne

    Hawk Windows should have been mentioned.
    They had a psynthasiser as big as a car on stage.
    If you don’t know who Hawk wind is you don’t know Psychedelic rock.

  123. Tony Brown

    I agree with the majority of comments that there are many on this list that are there more for the artwork than the music. Pink Floyd’s ‘ Saucer full of secrets ‘ to me was more Psychedelic than ‘ Piper at the gates of dawn ‘. Even the art work reflected that. You can’t get much more Psyhedelic than ‘Set the controls for the heart of the sun’.

  124. Agitation Free

    I can’t believe there is no Ceyleib People? No CJ Quintet “A Trip Through Hell?” No Guru Guru?? Amon Duul ll, Agitation Free?? Left out some great bands!!

  125. Geoffrey Pond

    The Airplane’s After Bathing At Baxter’s and CJ& Fish I Feel Like I am Fixin’ To Die, It’s a Beautiful Day’s first album a must for your Psychedelic record collection.

  126. Waywuwei

    They left out Sgt. Peppers which to me was the first Beatles Psychedelic album. They weren’t the leaders, they were just in the groove like everyone else. Revolver was great but not psychedelic. Traffic’s first album was the revolutionary one: Mr. Fantasy.

    They left out Big Brother and the Holding Company. the first two albums everyone had.

    And Dr. John, the Night Tripper!!!

    And Moody Blues was very big and very psychedelic.

    And there was probably never a more Psychedelic band than the Fugs. They didn’t get widespread distribution but they were soooo stoned.

    Oh, and the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

    And where is the Velvet Underground? Really.

    Also, they start with the Forever Changes Love album which was my favorite but it was their third album. The first Love album preceeded Revolver by months and had wonderful songs from Arthur Lee “No Matter what you do”, “Singed D.C.” & “My little red Book”.

    And I almost forgot one of the most important psychedelic pioneers: Donovan. How could they forget him? His First album in ’65 “Catch the Wind” was a British echo of Dylan, quickly followed by “Fairytale” his own direction into the Celtic fantasies. In ’66 “Sunshine Superman” was full on Celtic psychedelic followed a year later by “Mellow Yellow”.

    Led Zeppelin was late to the game in 1969 but had an outsized influence.

  127. Tuco

    good list…obviously 25 albums are few to please everyone…but don’t miss “Fifth Dimension” of The Byrds, one of the first example of psychedelic music…good choice “Currents” at 25th position!!!

    1. waywuwei

      YES!!! The Byrds were way out in front. In 1965: Mr. Tamborine Man, and Turn, Turn, Turn followed in 1966 with Fifth Dimension. First group to transition from Folk Rock to Psychedelic Rock.

  128. Homer Mitchell

    Great job. Impossible task, of course. I recommend the Holy Modal Rounders’ 1967 very freaky Indian War Whoop and/or their The Moral Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders with the classic “Bird Song”.

  129. Charles Cotten

    I don’t know how you could possibly leave off Sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band. It’s better than the rest of those albums put together. And it should be number one and revolver number two.

  130. Tony

    One of the best Psychedelic Albums for me was White Noise ,,,An Electric Storm … it never got in the top 25 really dont know …..would have been my number 1 !!!!

  131. pixletwin

    No “SmileySmile” by the Beach Boys? That album is far FAR more psychedelic than many of the albums on this list.

  132. Joe P

    Others have listed it here – PET SOUNDS!!! Brian Wilson going on a total spacial trip and exploring layers of sounds, thereby leading to inspiring some of the biggest albums and artists listed here! Too bad SMiLE was not released when it should have been too. Not only would the ultimate psychedelic single, Good Vibrations, have been on it, but the rest of it would have been mind exploration to the ultimate degree.

  133. Eddio Piña

    There´s a band i´m pretty sure noone of you know. but they are one of the finest spychedelic bands ever. They are “Ladies W.C.” from Venezuela 1969. “the “Ladies” were a foursome with Adib Casta on lead Guitar, Steve Scoot on bass and Harmonica, Seija Brothers, Mario and Jaime on drums and rythm guitar.
    Search for “Ladies W.C. Band Venezuela” in google for futher information, and Youtube for music of this band.. You won´t be disappointed

  134. JB

    “Currents” should not be on that list.
    A – it’s not even psychedelic. it’s 80’s synth pop.
    B – it’s not anywhere near as good as “Lonerism”. that album is a psychedelic masterpiece.

  135. Radharc

    H.P. Lovecraft II is far more psychedelic than their debut album. Also, I’d have to go with BLue Cheer’s “OutsideInside” over Vincebus Eruptum.

  136. nine9nine9

    Some good choices here. Had their been room, might I suggest The Chambers Bothers; can’t get any more psychodelic than their 11-minute version of “Time Has Come Today.”

  137. neto

    The 1st King Crimson and Van der Graaf Generator albuns? Yes – tales from topographic Ocean?

    tricky to puck up the best one!

  138. David B.

    I appreciate this list a lot, as I’ve wanted to explore the roots of the psychedelic rock that I’ve come to hear today. Of course it is a difficult job to just put 25, especially 25 albums that everyone would agree on. But for that, I’m thankful for all the people that commented and for their suggestions. Also wanted to say that I’m so glad that Kevin Parker and his Tame Impala project are on the list! InnerSpeaker and Lonerism are incredible works of psychedelic music (and Currents I think is incredible and unique; Kevin is more than willing to explore and experiment with his style, like truly great artists often do. Whether or not you want to classify it as Psych Rock is a different story), especially considering the resources he had available for those two albums, and I’m really happy to see that even generations before me are able to appreciate what he does. He composes nearly all the songs, for all the instruments, and records, produces, and mixes them, Nearly all by himself! Seeing him receive the appreciation, credit and love that he deserves makes me very happy.
    Again, thank you to everyone that contributed! So glad to have this resource, truly.

  139. psydonia B.Sh.

    What about Orzic Tentacles?
    In my opinion, one of the most influential psychedelic bands from post 80-era. They’re still kickin’ !

  140. John

    Great list. It’s really impossible to list 30 of the greatest psychedelic rock albums of all-time. This is your list. I would’ve included Spirit – The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, Wishbone Ash -Self titled, The Bob Seger System – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, Deep Purple – In Rock, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Safe As Milk, The Zombies – Odyssey and Oracle, The Small Faces – Odgen’s Nut Gone Flake, Velvet Underground – Loaded, Quicksilver Messenger Service – Self Titled. Just to name a few…..

  141. John

    Great list. It’s really impossible to list 30 of the greatest psychedelic rock albums of all-time. This is your list. I would’ve included Spirit – The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, Wishbone Ash -Self titled, The Bob Seger System – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, Deep Purple – In Rock, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Safe As Milk, The Zombies – Odyssey and Oracle, The Small Faces – Odgen’s Nut Gone Flake, Velvet Underground – Loaded, UFO – UFO 1, King Crimson, In The Court of the Crimson King, Steppenwolf – Self Titled, Scorpions – Lonesome Crow, just to name a few…..

  142. Fred Beck

    Agree with so many of the additional recommendations for this list. One I did not see mentioned, and in honor of his recent passing, was Leon Russell and Marc Benno’s “Asylum Choir II”.

    You couldn’t get much more trippy, or melodic, than with this one.

  143. Lyle Crump

    As a teenager of the 60’s I would add 12 Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus by Spirit, The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Moody Blues – In Search of the Lost Chord, On the Threshold of a Dream and A Question of Balance. They where the Princes of Acid Rock but the King of Acid Rock was Jimi Hendrix with Electric Ladyland and especially Voodoo Child (Slight Return). The first two Led Zeppelin albums were very psychedelic, The Birds – Fifth Dimension album,( They are drinking LSD kool aid on the cover) and Freak Out with the Mothers Of Invention would also be on the list.

  144. Jim Ryan, Jr

    For your consideration I offer: Pink Floyd-Meddle, Sgt Pepper’s, Spirit-Twelve Dreams, Robin Trower, Wishbone Ash, the Hollies, Mothers of Invention-Mud shark in your mythology!!! Zombies, Spooky Tooth, Genesis, King Crimson, Moody Blues, ELP, Yes, Leon Russell-Carney or work with Mark Benno and Asylum Choir and who could forget his work on Pet Sounds?, as well as Mad Dogs ands Englishman work, Deep Purple, Talking Heads almost any of their first 4 albums, Hot Tuna, along the same vein, Baron Von Tollbooth and Ballad of the Chrome Nun, Turtles…thanks for the list, you have my head spinning and looking through my old albums! Heck, even CSNY the early days, dueling leads…and even a softer sound, David Crosby-If I Could Only Remember My Name…

  145. rod schaffer

    The Doors first album is their masterpiece but I wouldn’t consider it psychedelic.
    Recently heard “Wooden Shjips” especially the album “West”. great stuff.

  146. David Charlton

    Psychedelic music is a broad category. I see English and American genres, I see progressive, and even power pop in these lists. I thought the beatles went psych with Sgt Peppers and Mystery Tour is more of the same. Chambers group is a southern gospel group with one of the greatest psych songs of all time. I love the small faces but Itchycoo Park is there best psych song. To me the greatest psych songs are Piper at the Gates of dawn the long instrumentals and keyboard driven Arthur Brown. did you see her eyes is a favorite (Illusion) Eight miles high by Lighthouse, I’ve looked at lists with 200 albums and I never see Zappa on the lists.

  147. ed

    good list, but one of the greatest psychedelic albums of all time (and probably most overlooked) is Loosen Up Naturally by the Sons of Champlin.

  148. mark

    don’t forget about Twink- Think Pink, 13th Floor Elevators- Easter Everywhere, Morgen, Dragonfly and Captain Beefheart- Safe As Milk…all of these should make the list

  149. John Blaney

    What about Music in a Doll’s House by Family?
    Produced by Dave Mason of Traffic. It was a totally psychedelic album

  150. Pablo

    Please remove artists like Tame Impala, this looks like a publicity for them; they nothing to do with the list, not in generation, neither in quality

    1. Scott

      Innerspeaker is nothing but quality and is better than half of the stuff mentioned. Currents though is not psychedelic.

  151. Pete

    How about Savage Resurrection,or Mad River,or SRC,or Fifty Foot Hose .from the US Or Family ‘Music in a Doll’s House’,Eric Burdon & the Animals Winds of Change, from the UK.The more recent Amorphous Androgynous (FSOL) albums.Gong & Steve Hillage. Tim Blake (New Jerusalem) The late guitarist.Christian Boule.(Photo Music) Sundial,Porcupine Tree.

  152. Gary Bauder

    As a survivor of many LSD enhanced music experiences, I can personally attest to the power of Hawkwind as THE premier Psychedelic experiential band. Additionally, Kraftwerk’s Radioactivty LP is a si gularly wondrous experience while properly under the lysergic influence. Cheers.

  153. Val

    Psychedelic Music is in the eye, or the mind, of the beholder..Pink Floyd, Hendrix and Country Joe would all be on my list. I would add “The Who Sell Out” which included some classic psychedelic cuts that made full use of stereo in it’s day.

  154. Marc Gregory

    Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today (long Version), Rare Earth (Get Ready long version), Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet, Moody Blues Threshold of a Dream, Early Santana, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Paul Butterfield, Savoy Brown (Lookin In), Ten Years After Ssssh, Grand Funk Railroad (Paranoid), Vanilla Fudge (1967). To name a few…

  155. Ack

    I suppose you should have been there to qualify in making the list:
    Some of your selections were correct, but some were obscure and others are in a different category.
    Here are a few that should be there:
    Its a Beautiful Day
    Seven dreams of Dr Sardonicus
    In search of the lost chord
    After bathing at baxters
    Cheap Thrills
    Happy Trails
    Sgt Peppers
    Vanilla Fudge
    Spooky Two

    1. Tom Miller

      I tend to agree that it is far more connected to what they are talking about than any on this list. Some of these albums are so far from psychedelic it’s hard to take the whole list seriously. Glad to see Umma on the page at least.

    1. Michael

      Arthur Brown was out there , 1983 a Mermaid I should turn to be , Electric Lady Land, started a trip , took you there , and returned you for a nice soft landing .

  156. ThommyO

    Nice call with the Fraternal Order of the All. Always thought Andrew Gold should have made a second album under that name.

  157. Neil

    My idea of Psychedelic doesn’t include prog and space rock, but I think Baxters, Electric Music,Fixin to Die, S F Sorrow, United States of America and Savage Ressurection would be my personal favorites.I love early Hendrix, Byrds and Love, (Arthur Lee and Bryan Maclean wrote some great songs).

  158. Goran Conradsen

    This is an obscure one from norway. It came out last year George & Jaqueline – A Love Story Set In Kaleidoscopic Dreams
    by Spring Vibes Arkestra.
    As it was reviewed in Record Collector shifting from the gentle territory mapped out by Broadcast or Stereolab to exotica and more guitar based nu-psych. Not everything works, but they definitely have a psychedelic mind-set.
    there’s tape loops, backwards guitars , flutes and finger cymbals,congas, music concrete

  159. John Mason

    No one on staff with the balls or the brains to offer some insight/ and or justification into the validity of each choice!?!?—WOTTA WASTE OF SPACE!?!?!?!

  160. Geoffrey

    What about “It’s a Beautiful Day” by “It’s a Beautiful Day?” White Bird, Girl With No Eyes, Hot Summer Day, and more.

  161. EB

    Blows Against the Empire!
    Start with side 2 – “Sunrise” and from there it builds…the finale still puts me in a very special state of mind as i saw them do it live in 73or4

  162. Tom Miller

    So psychedelic has to be from the 60s I see. Sorry but some of these are pretty lame. I guess my idea of psychedelic music is vastly different than yours. While I agree on some of the bands, not really the album choices. Jefferson Airplane & Cream are the only 2 I agree with.

  163. spaski

    what about captain Lockheed and the starfighters,Can,Magma,Pretty things Parachute,Ash RA,Steve Hillage Gong,and Mr.Zappa of course

  164. spaski

    what about captain Lockheed and the starfighters,Can,Magma,Pretty things Parachute,Ash RA,Steve Hillage Gong,and Mr.Zappa of course and the long songs on Electric Ladyland by Jimi H.

  165. Stephen C Dietrich

    I’m impressed by the inclusion of The Fraternal Order of All – Greetings From the Planet Love. Hard to believe this is the same person who wrote “Thank You For Being A Friend” Great album.

  166. Frans

    Why do people always feel obliged to include at least one Beatles album in the top-5 of whatever-greatest list? Both Sgt. Pepper’s and Revolver include a few songs that could be classified as psychedelic, but apart from them, these two albums are basically pop songs collections.

  167. Merrill M Hess

    Good list but I would like to add some obscure masterpieces. Most of these you can find on Youtube. Acid folk of Balaklava by Pearls Before Swine and both albums by Forest (Forest & Full Circle. They don’t sing about fairyland. Their music is FROM fairyland. Very atmospheric.). Dance of the Lemmings by Amon Duul II (and others by them), A Time Before This by Julian’s Treatment (psychedelic soul-jazz science fiction rock), all three albums by the Mandrake Memorial (especially Puzzle. They improved with each release.), Zero Time by Tonto’s Expanding Head Band (masterpiece of Moog. They were the force behind Stevie Wonder’s musical hits in the 70s.), Principle Edwards Magic Theatre, Celestial Oceans by Brainticket, Pookah (only did one eponymous album. Difficult to find but posted on Youtube.), Touch by Touch (Famous for it’s split bi-fold cover. Did one spectacular album that was an anthem on underground stations. It actually fits a bit more under early pioneering progressive rock. Members of Yes admitted Touch as a major influence. Almost impossible to find but it’s posted on Youtube.), Gracious! by Gracious (This one is also more progressive rock. A tongue-in-cheek concept album on Heaven and Hell.). And last, I limited myself to three recordings by Popol Vuh (Anchored by Florian Fricke, not the Scandinavian metal band.) In den Gärten Pharaos, Einsjäger und Siebenjäger, and Aguirre, the Wrath of God (soundtrack to Werner Herzog film). Some of their music can be considered more world music, devotional, or mystical but some is quite psychedelic, all beautiful.

  168. mark knowles

    The Zombies- Odyssey and Oracle is really an inexcusable omission on this list. It certainly has to be one of the top 25. I think it qualifies above more than a couple on this list.

  169. theo

    No Incredible String Band? 5000 Spirits … should also be on that list, and not forgetting Hangman’s and Wee Tam and Big Huge.

  170. Frankie T.

    Fun list and great comments. Just have to say, however, that the list gets one critical thing right: Revolver is a more important psychedelic album than Sgt. Pepper. Revolver came out in 1966, before psychedelia had been mainstreamed into the pop culture. “I’m Only Sleeping”? “Rain”? “Love You To”? “Tomorrow Never Knows”? There were innovations in each of these songs that inspired and re-appeared in later psychedelic music. Revolver was the psychedelic vanguard! IMNSHO

  171. Kryten

    You’ll never get everyone to agree but that’s what make discussions like this fun in a pub or afterwards in a field/park/front room/garden. For my two pennies, what about Kaleidoscope both Mexican and UK bands’ debut albums? The list could go on and on, but that the point.

  172. John Mason

    After Bathing at Baxter’s much more mind-bending than Pillow and likewise Doors’ Strange Days instead of debut album

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