Hello Los Angeles…London… Paris… The Greatest Live Albums

September 6, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest live albums in the world ever. We've scoured the net, taken into consideration numerous polls and lists from around the world to come up with the definitive list of the best 25 live albums ever…

It's all part of our 'On The road' month in which we explore all that is exciting and wonderful about watching artists perform. It's one thing creating magic in the studio but doing it live is something else, adding a whole new level of excitement and often creativity to the music

No doubt you'll agree with every one…

We're counting down from 25 to No.1

Humble Pie
Led Zeppelin
Iron Maiden
the band - the last waltz
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Deep Purple_edited-1
Layout 1
Cheap Trick
Neil Young_edited-1

And we're into the Top Ten…and at…
Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison (Legacy Edition) - Front
Talking Heads
James Brown
Rolling Stones Get Your Ya Yas Out-209b-AB009 copy

And at No.1…


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    1. D M Yarbrough

      My 1st concert that I ever saw was double bill…Grand Funk Railroad & Allman Brothers over 40 years ago…I wish Grand Funk was on list also…

        1. pat mcgowan

          pat McGowan forget peter Frampton, that’s for poofs! wishbone ash live dates, ten years after live, climax blues band, mountain twin peaks lou reed rock and roll animal

          1. Nick Craske

            Pat – Do you have to use a homophobic term to make your point? Would you say the same applies to Judas Priest simply because Rob Halford came out as gay?

          2. Barry.

            Little Feat and Bob Seger should be above some of the albums on this list, it’s all different strokes for different folks anyway.

        2. bob shipp

          Pretty fuckin good, I’d say. Still listen to it rolling down the road.
          Thanks for remembering.

        3. Mark

          Happy Trails is Very Good. glad to see LIVE/DEAD.made it. Cheap Thrills is half & Wheels of Fire are half studio. Love em anyway.

    2. paknees

      thats what i said! wheres the grand funk?!! and im sorry but the who live is a little overrated i never thought they sound that great live

      1. Graham Brown

        Hi there. I was at Leeds that evening. I agree with you that some of the Who’s live stuff was below average but when they got it right, as they did that night, there was no one to touch them. I have the cd of the Hull concert from the following evening and it isnt a patch on the Leeds recording. Just my opinion of course.

    3. Gary Gallagher

      How on earth do you not include UFO’s Strangers in the Night?!! That’s why the majority of these lists are a joke. They are more an individual’s opinion rather than a common one.

      1. Steve

        Anyone that really knows rock music knows Strangers should be on the list. Its really live (cough Kiss Alive) has some amazing guitar solo’s from Schenker and its always been a favorite of rock musicians.

        1. Sean

          Kiss alive is as live as Frampton’s album.. Kiss may have touched up some vocals and guitar parts. But not the drums at all. And 100,000 years is a KILLER track. Every live album is touched up. Even ozzy’ first live album, has not a single live vocal line.

      1. Michael Young

        This is a probably a U.S. made list and Quo gets no respect here. Should be in Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame. Rory Gallagher Live in Europe should be on there too.

        1. David

          Have to agree with Rory Gallagher being in there, though Live Irish Tour 1974 is my pick. Unfortunately few peole, current musicians included, know who he was or who his kids became. RIP Rory.

          1. Kandee Riggio

            David—————– he never had any children—————————————— trust me, I know this for a fact

    4. Dietmar Simon

      Agree ! “Caught in the act” should notv have been missing.
      I would swap against James Brown.

      And, btw, how about Black Crowes “Live at the Greek” ?

      1. Tom

        Lou Reed’s “Rock-n-Roll Animal,” Delaney & Bonnie on Tour w/ Eric Clapton”, and J. Geils “Full House” is what I would have suggested.

    5. Lewis Penrod

      No Happy Trails , Bless its pointed little head ,Band of Gypsy’s, woodstock there’s more who picked this list

    6. Scott Wigley

      OK how about LITTLE FEAT “Waiting For Columbus”, YES “Yessongs”, FREE “Live”, “Both” of BOB SEGAR’s live records, GRAND FUNK “Live”, any cool GOV’T MULE show, , , OK I’ll stop now.

      1. wadeous

        Yes Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus, one of the most overlooked live albums ever, sonds so good you think you were there!

    7. Patrick Rowlee

      This list leaned toward heavy metal, but my only major beef is that the “Allman Brothers – Live at the Fillmore East” wasn’t # 1. They did miss “Delaney, Bonnie, and Friends Live – with Eric Clapton.”

    8. Roger Stephens

      My best live album choice would be – “We are gonna blow your face out.” The J. Geils Band.

    9. MichaelM

      The people who made this list are probably younger than these concerts are are not familiar with the Grank Funks, Framton Comes Alive. What about Woodstock??? Blow all of these away including live at Leads. I love the Who but no, no no no no. Not the best. Sorry…
      this list has zero credibility. Sorry man.

      1. Arthur Woodson

        No Live Bullet by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band , No Frampton Comes Alive, No REO Speedwagon Live, No Grand Funk Railroad Live, No Wings over America, No Eagles Live, Wow you have to be kidding ?

        1. Alfred Childs

          J. Geils Band, Live Full House. I saw the tour. They were the middle of 3 groups, Slade opening, and Humble Pie headlining. J. Geils band knocked the place out, and the album came out about a month later.

    10. Armand Cistaro

      You could get rid of Thin Lizzy, U2, Talking Heads & Cheap Trick and replace with Grand Funk Live, Ramones – It’s Alive, CSNY – Four Way Street, and Dave Mason – Certified Live. In my opinion you could probably replace a few more.

    11. Toad

      Jan Wouda: I get what you’re saying, but music is always competitive. Orchestras have first, second and third violinists (and all other instruments, of course), so do marching bands. Jazz is famous for “cutting contests” where musicians try to outplay each other on the bandstand–it’s completely central to jazz culture. Bands are arranged by audition–when the Stones needed to replace Brian Jones, they had people in to play and then they chose who they thought was best: Mick Taylor won the COMPETITION. You want a gig? Be prepared to audition and beat out the other bands. You wanna play? Show us what you got.

    12. EJ Nolan

      As a Detroit music fan, how could you leave out Bob Seger’s Live Bullet? And my vote for the 2 best livecalbums of all time? J Giles Full House (Recorded ay Detroit’s Cobo Arena) and Edgar Winter’s White Trash “Roadwork” Listen to those 2 albums and the sheer Rock energy will blow several of these out of the water. Special Mention: Tower Of Power 40th Anniversary at the Fillmore. Fantastic vibe, energy and musicianship. Trewtbyourself. Check em out.

    13. ken

      Best live albums? How about Bloodrock, James Gang, Dave Mason Is Alive, Traffic On the Road, Steppenwolf Live, (Grand Funk Live Album should be “cleaned up – if possible – so you can at least hear the opening minutes of Into the Sun…and how about Grateful Dead Skeleton and Roses, Slade Alive, Iron Butterfly Live, Savoy Brown (the live side of Blue Matter), Taste AT the Isle of Wight, The live side of Cactus, ‘Ot ‘n’ Sweaty…the various artists on the Mar Y Sol 2 LP set (Osibisa, Nitzinger, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Jonathan Edwards, John Baldry, J. Geils Band), Live Cream, Volumes 1 & 2. 🙂

        1. pat mcgowan

          or iron maiden, or cheap trick? what about wishbone ash live dates or ten years after live? there is alot missing, maybe this list should be bigger!

          1. jeff B

            What a glaring omission.Live dates is one of my favorite albums of all time.What about Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal.What Schmucks made this list ?

      1. Darrell

        Sorry but number wise and everything else considered GFR Even blew away the Beatles. Sold out Shea in 72 hours and it took the Beatles a few weeks.

    1. Ian

      Yes, definitely some things out of whack here .. and to include ANY Talking Heads crap on ANY rock list is nutz,, that singer sounds like he has diarrhea, so the songs are certain shite

    2. Alex Stojkovic

      Alberto, are u disappointed that Humble Pie should b rated higher or lower? Rockin the fillmore is one of my favourites

      1. thomas

        THe Beatles Live at the Hollywood bowl. I’ve got the album but it has never been released digitally.A fine recording .

  1. Phil Wright

    Some of these are not true live albums ie Kiss Alive..overdubs of crowd noise etc.. Compiled from different shows etc…

  2. antonio salazar

    I would agree with most but leaving Jimmi Hendrix, aside is a serious mistake, others left outside, Traffic, Johnny Winter,AC/DC,Genesis, Eric Clapton, the Doors (Absolutely Live, got to be ranking among the very 5 first) Tina Turner, Roxy Music David Bowie and more contemporary Guns & Roses.This is just mentioning a few MIA, Do your homework better.

      1. Steve

        ABSOFRIGGINLUTELY! Based on Jumpin’ Jack Flash alone! Sh^t! The Rolling Stones were so blown away by the energy he brought to that song, they wrote a song for him! Silver Train. He was robbed… he’s been robbed his whole career. He had to die to win a friggin Grammy!

  3. Steve

    Wow, so many missing. Led-Zeppelin “Song Remains the Same”, Bob Dylan “Bootleg series volume 4”, Genesis “Genesis live 1973” , Jimi Hendrix “Woodstock” or Band of Gypsies “live at the filmore”, Pink Floyd “Ummagumma”, Ramones “It’s Alive”, Muddy Waters “At newport 1960” I coould go on and on with albums you missed and yet you have U2 on here. U2? Really?

    1. Mark

      As someone who was at the U2 Red Rocks show. It was an incredible show at an incredible venue. The fact that it’s an EP is why it shouldn’t be on the list. A list of 25 is too short. Should probably be a list of 100. Way too many great live records not on this list.

  4. Vince

    A good list, although I would’ve added Wings Over America by Wings and Eric Clapton’s Unplugged. Although Clapton’s 24 Nights was also excellent, not sure if I’d consider that one top 25 material.

  5. David

    Oh come on….Deep Purple’s “Made in Japan” is a Top Three pick if not the No. 1! Putting Frampton and Nirvana ahead of this is just poppycock.

    1. Alex Stojkovic

      Gotta agree with u on “Made in Japan”. I like the Nivana live, although I wouldn’t rate it up there. Frampton comes alive is worthy of any rating. So good. Frampton also features on Humble Pies “Rockin in the fillmore

  6. Martin Martyn

    Would be some changes if I had compiled it… Kiss? Motorhead? and as Alberto commented Cheap trick before Humble Pie, Johnny Winter And Live should be near the top also… It’s R&R at it’s finest!

    1. Paul

      ok, guys, there are a few to be mentioned that really should be in here: Space Ritual, Hawkwind, James Gang Live, Absolutely Live, the Doors, Live Evil, Black Sabbath (like really, no Sabbath?), Yessongs, Yes, Robin Trower Live, Strangers In the Night, UFO, Grand Funk Live. sure, I’m listing what some have come up with, like Band of Gypsies, Jimi Hendrix, but don’t forget that some are not even in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. one I know I forgot is Fandango, ZZ Top, and also Live with the Edmonton Orchestra, Procol Harum ( where Trower came from). the committies that do these things really reconsider what are the greatest bands are, and where a corresponding live album fits in, like a top 100 or so greatest live album fits. I tend to check some links I get into, and I find that when a group makes a live album, it will get the highest rating possible

    1. P Kelly

      Sadly the list is a rather predicatable one which almost by default feels that certain artists have to be there. I do not think that The son remains the same is a very good album and that Zeppelin themselves agree this is not the best representation of their live efforts. On the other hand Made in Japan is a great live album. Pleasing to see some one aware of how great an album Robin Trower live is with one of those rare live drum solos that is enjoyable to hear not least because it does not go on for +15 minutes. Other notable omissions: Free Live, Foghat Live, JethroTull’s Bursting out, Pat Metheny Group Travels, and yes; Little Feet, Hawkwind, Skynrd ought to be in there. And dare i say it is Who live at Leeds with its rock and roll medley type (no Baba O reilly or Won’t get fooled again) really so great?

  7. Lasse Eriksson

    Well, like Rush, but don’t like exit stage left that much,…

    But, Non-US, old double vinyl, Status Quo – Live ! that got some live feel and energy to it.

    1. billy

      Really? Anyone that would question the ABB being at No. 2 (or higher) has zero taste. The album has been known to be one of the top live albums of all time since it came out over 40 years ago.

      1. zivko

        Totally agree Billy, The ABB at the Fillmore is an incredible live recording of musical improv genius, period. If you haven’t heard it do your self and soul a favor!!

      1. zivko

        Totally agree Billy, The ABB at the Fillmore is an incredible live recording of musical improv genius, period. If you haven’t heard it do your self and soul a favor!!

  8. Kevin

    So many left out! ELVIS’ Aloha from Hawaii, YES’ Yessongs, ELP Welcome Back My Friends…, Allman Brothers At Fillmore East, KANSAS Two For The Show, Clapton One More Car, DYLAN/The Band Before The Flood, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Live in Chicago, Tedeschi-Trucks Band Everybody’s Talkin, Springsteen Live 75-85, Joe Jackson Live 80-86, Dave Mason Certified Live, Zappa Live @ Fillmore East LOTS MORE!

    1. John

      ELP-Welcome Back My Friends, Springsteen Live 75-85, Dylan/The Band-Before the Flood, NOW YER TALKIN’!!!, Let’s add Talking Heads-Stop Making Sense, The Band-The Last Waltz, CSNY- 4Way Street, Genesis-Seconds Out, Warren Zevon-Stand in the Fire, George Harrison-Live in Japan, Wings-Wings Over America, Loggins & Messina-Onstage or Finale. I could go on forever!

    2. John

      ELP-Welcome Back My Friends, Springsteen Live 75-85, Dylan/The Band-Before the Flood, NOW YER TALKIN’!!!, Let’s add CSNY- 4Way Street, Genesis-Seconds Out, Warren Zevon-Stand in the Fire, George Harrison-Live in Japan, Wings-Wings Over America, Loggins & Messina-Onstage or Finale. I could go on forever!

      1. Lston Gunn

        Full House!!
        ” Take Out Your False teeth Momma, I Want to Suck On Your Gums”
        I think Peter Wolf said that on this album.

        Of course Grand Funk.is left out and they arent in the HOF either. They could most bands off of the stage.
        Explain to me why Steppenwolf isnt in the HOF .
        I’m done ranting !

      2. Lston Gunn

        Full House!!
        ” Take Out Your False teeth Momma, I Want to Suck On Your Gums”
        I think Peter Wolf said that on this album.

        Of course Grand Funk.is left out and they arent in the HOF either. They could most bands off of the stage.
        Explain to me why Steppenwolf isnt in the HOF .
        I’m done ranting !

  9. Tom Tobin

    My favorites are Rory Gallagher’s “Irish Tour 74” and “Stagestruck” as well as Kiss Alive! and Grand Funk Railroad.

    1. jeff

      Irish tour was one of my favorites got it for my I pod not to long ago.I don,t have to worry about wearing this copy out !!!!!!

  10. Michael Shields

    Many great albums on this list….they all deserve to be here…can’t imagine “Frampton Comes Alive” not being #1….its impact is unmatched…there was a time when anywhere you went you would hear it….

      1. framus Jack

        Not the biggest Frampton fan but Frampton Comes alive was for a long time biggest selling live album ever so lots of people must have liked it, and so what if it is a bit MOR the name of the list does not specify genre but just that they should be a live album. I would have put Extra Terrestrial Live by Blue Oyster Cult in the list.

    1. Alex Stojkovic

      I’m agreein with u Michael. Not kiddee pop. Frampton features in 2 of the best live albums in this survey. Glad that Hot August night is not on this list

  11. miquel àngel

    ‘Live at the Apollo’ by B. B. King ‘Live in Paris’ Aretha Franklin. Come on guys! this link comes from M. W. As she said: ‘Respect’

  12. tim knox

    I have been a fan of rock & Roll since. the 60’s. I can’t believe. that neither. grand funk railroad and or steppenwolf made the list. at least kiss made it. thank the the all mghty.

  13. Larry

    Wattstack, Revolution of the mind, Wings across America, Woodstock, Bless its pointed little head, isle of wight, thirty seconds over winterland, Jimi live at Berkley

    1. Michael Taylor

      I had almost given up hope of anyone mentioning Rock n Roll Animal; then you, Tim Silano gave it a mention and ,for me it is the best live album out of all the live albums that I have heard. The musicianship and arrangements are second to none and the band are so tight. Maybe not many people have bought or listened to the album, but it is without a doubt my Number One Best Album.

      1. Neil Ellis

        yeah totally agree about Rock n Roll Animal also Lou Reed Live from the same concert and AC/DC if you want blood, UFO, Iron Maiden, heaps more

      1. Mick Lee

        True. But Derek And The Dominoes did have two pretty good live albums:
        In Concert (1973) and Live At The Fillmore (1994). Granted, these albums were put together after D.&D. fell apart; but if I was dropped on a deserted island and could only have 25 live albums I would choose In Concert as one of them.

        1. JD Smith

          I agree. But I was there, so it’s not very objective. It was in fact the BEST concert I ever attended. 10/23/70 late show.

  14. dave splenforio

    when I saw bob marley ahead of deep purple made in japan , ball game is over! You guys are smoking too much weed! also you left out UFO strangers in the night, just ask eddie trunk!

    1. Paul

      ther’s one I missed, BOC’s On Your Feet or On Your Knees. also another one that didn’t make the cut was Status Quo’s Live (now there’s a pretty great album, and they really kick ass!) and no Kinks, either.

  15. Armando Flores Chacon

    Estoy totalmente en desacuerdo con esta lista., Es increíble que no incluyeran a Pink Floyd (maestros), Doors, Ted Nugent ,Stepenwolf, Jethro Tull, etc.. , la lista no sirve…punto. y Grand Funk Railroad, ellos pesaban bastante..

    1. Chris Nugent

      Absolutely!! I grew up listening to that album. That and Ted Nugent’s “Double Live Gonzo”. If you lived in Michigan during the ’70’s those two albums were required listening man.

  16. griffinfinity

    It is a great list. I do NOT agree with some of the bands on it, but it covers some of the greats. ‘No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith’ is in my top 5, so is ‘Alive & Dangerous’. There are different genres and whereas some don’t like Motorhead, it belongs. I would only add that instead of say KISS or Talking Heads, I would replace them with ‘Grand Funk Live’ and ‘Hawkwind’s ‘Space Ritual’ (best illustrated live album cover to boot) → find a better space rock genre live release and I’ll eat my Orgone Accumulator…

  17. Razon

    ¿Donde carajos está el Made in Japan? Ese debería ser el número 1. ¿Strangers in The night de UFO? ¿El Caught in the Act de GFR? Donde Dios Santo esta el Yessongs?

  18. uDiscover (author)

    Thanks for all your comments, it just goes to prove that you cannot please all of the people, all of the time. Every list like this will always have things on it that make people mad, or the list leaves out things that people consider vital. It’s what makes music so wonderful…

  19. sergio lopez

    increible… donde está On Stage, Rainbow/ Live at Last Black Sabbath/We Want Moore, Gary Moore , Strangers in the Night UFO Two for the Show Kansas ??? esta lista no es completa….

  20. Dino

    Grand Funk Live should have made the list, and RUSH All the Worlds a Stage over Exit Stage Left. Judas Priest Unleashed in the East, Scorpions World Wide Live, and what about UFO Strangers in the Night???

  21. Marty

    No “Live Bullet” Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band? I have almost half of these LPs, all of which I love, but this one should be on it, IMHO.

  22. rupert

    Genesis, “Seconds Out”

    and what about the epic “What do you want from Live”, The Tubes?

    And the Clapton one, Live at the Budokan I think it was, that was pretty good too.

  23. bob

    Several omissions I see, Neil Diamond “Hot August NIght” David Bowie “Live at the Tower” Ted Nugent “Double Live Gonzo” Yes “Yessongs” Grand Funk Railroad “Live”, ELP “Welcome Back My Friends” Genesis “Live”
    Frank Sinatra “Live at the Sands” Joni Mitchell “Miles of Aisles” Jackson Browne “Load Out” CSNY Way Street” ” and the list could go on

  24. dt74

    The Who live at Leeds comes out top on a lot of these lists. My thinking is that the decision by Townsend to go against the band and refuse a live album release, before buckling and getting the management team to record The Who last two gigs live that year (Hull and Leeds, with the sound quality of Hull being poor so eventually Leeds being the chosen gig).
    Alongside the ordered burning of the previous 38 gigs recordings, made many people appreciate, especially many years later, the performance given on that album.
    The brave move at the time to not include any of the popular rock opera Tommy tracks played during the night onto the album gives it extra Kudos, by fans as a brave move.

    As for Nirvana, never has such hype surrounded a Death as that on Nirvana after KC suicide. Many remark on the gritty performance of the man at the time of recording. But hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    1. Paul

      Uriah Heep Live, 1973 is one of my favs ( 1st album I ever bought of them), and Heep are not in the R& R Hall of Fame. they are considered one of the 4 bands that started heavy metal. the other 3 are Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple. Judas Priest & Sabbath came out of Birgingham, and Purple and started out like a prog band in the late ’60s. each band found their style throughout the 70’s (drugs were pretty rampant back then), and each cemented themselves in rock’s history. just 2 are not in the Hall, Priest and Heep. like, c’mon people change the way you get someone in the Hall and put these great bands that became eligible. they deserve it. I know Johnny Rivers has a few live albums, and he’s in the same boat w/not being in.

  25. George Price

    The only problem I have with this list is the inclusion of Wheels Of Fire by Cream,but only because it’s HALF live (disc two) and half Studio (disc one). But,it’s still a great album.

  26. mutt plane

    Everybody has different views as to what should be on there. If you want blood AC/DC, Stranger’s in the night….UFO , the Sab’s even Judas Priest, but I have to wonder how they put Frampton above Humble Pie..I forgot Opeth colud do with amention.

  27. mutt plane

    Everybody has different views as to what should be on there. If you want blood AC/DC, Stranger’s in the night….UFO , the Sab’s even Judas Priest, but I have to wonder how they put Frampton above Humble Pie..Rare Earth and Opeth couldd do with a mention..

  28. Jim M

    Agree with many of the comments about “where is GFR” on this list. Also think that Deep purple should have been higher. Uriah Heep live was a favorite of mine.

  29. Donald

    Ones that did not make them cut but should have. Lou Reed, Rock and Roll Animal; Mountain, Twin Peaks; Santana, Lotus; Jimi Hendrix, Hendrix in the West; Chicago, at Carnegie Hall; Rare Earth, In Concert.

  30. Steve R

    What is the actual point of compiling a list like this?
    Who cares we like what we like !
    I didn’t think anyone even knew of Spaceritual by Hawkwind !
    What about Moonflower by Santana, Just One Night by Eric Clapton. And Queen live Killers ? Genesis-Seconds Out or even Genesis Live. Pink Floyd Pulse. It’s personal taste and the list could go on and on.

  31. carlton morris

    Foghat LIve? Grand Funk Caught in the Act? Whitesnake Live in the Heart of the City? Deep Purple Made in Japan should definitely be much higher – if not #1. Classic!

  32. Bob lawrinz

    Deep Purple’s Machine Head no.1! Some great albums here no doubt but I have no time for nirvana. I would have alchemy from Dire Straits, Rory Gallaghers Irish tour, AC/DC if you want blood, Queen live killers here also ahead of Nirvana, kiss, talking heads, cheap trick. But hey just an opinion

  33. Patvyn

    Colosseum – Live
    Gentle Giant – Playin’ the fool
    Zappa – Roxy & elsewhere
    Jethro tull – Bursting out
    UFO – Strangers in the night
    Robin Trower – Live

    1. Larry Lagula

      J. Geils “Full House”
      Jimi Hendrix “Band of Gyspys”
      Frank Zappa “Live at the Fillmore East”
      Johnny Winter “Kive And”

  34. Telmo Marques

    Dire Straits – Alchemy
    Bob Dylan Bootleg Series – Live Royal Albert Hall
    Supertramp – Live in Paris
    Eric Clapton – Unplugged
    Pink Floyd – Live Earls Court

  35. Graham Purnell

    I scrolled down the list, nodding a few times in agreement but getting more and more agitated until I finally saw ‘Live at Leeds’ at #1 – then I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

  36. Jan Koelemeij

    Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Status Quo, Pink Floyd etc.
    In these lists there is always something missing. But is is a good list anyway.

  37. Vila

    I definitely miss Ted Nugent’s “Live Bonzo”. That album it’s on every list of most remarkeable live albums on history, same as Alive by Kiss and Cheap Trick’s Budokan (both are here). You just can’t miss those, if you want to be objetctive. It’s not that i consider it as basic, it doesn’t matter what do i consider. It’s rock history who says it, not me. Has more right to be there than Marley or even Zeppelin (Zeppelin are WAY OUT greatest than Nugent, but his live album was always considered a regular one, and Gonzo it’s over them on the list of live albums).

  38. Dave Kebs

    Some I’d like to have seen on the list -What do you want from Live – The Tubes, Moonflower – Santana, Live in the Air Age – Be-Bop deluxe or any of the numerous Frank Zappa ‘Live’ Albums (albeit he used tons of overdubs, but hey Live & Dangerous made the list)

  39. Michael

    How about Derek & The Dominos at Fillmore East? Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsies? Little Feat Waiting for Columbus? Yes – Yessongs? Chicago at Carnegie Hall? Bob Dylan at Philharmonic Hall? Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen.That’s just for starters

  40. Graham Scott

    I actually own 3 of them and wish I still had one of them !
    The one that got a real reaction from me was Deep Purple – was that not the one with Tommy Brolin (?) on guitar !! Maybe not.

  41. Kostas Kritikos (Sparta, Greece)

    I think the greatest Talking Heads’ live album is ‘The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads’ and forget a masterpiece 1992’s ‘Life on Planet Groove’ by Maceo Parker

  42. Jimmy P

    We’re is Blue Oyster Cult? Their “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees” is classic. UFO “Strangers In The Night”? ??????

  43. tmccool

    All good choices, but I have a few more you may have overlooked. J. Geils Band’s two live albums – Full House and Blow Your Face Out are fantastic. Bob Seger’s Live Bullet laid the groundwork for his phenomenal success. I’ve been partial to Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert – it’s ragged but engaging. Muddy Water’s live album he did with Johnny Winter is an incredible live blues set. The deluxe edition is even better. Mott The Hoople’s live album from the 1974 tour is a rocker, and again the deluxe edition is an improvement. Bob Dylan’s “Royal Albert Hall” concert from his bootleg series is as much an historical document as it is a rock concert. I think Deep Purple Mk III’s Made In Europe is just as good as Made In Japan. There’s more but I’ll stop here.

  44. timothy

    I do not have any problem with the first two on this list. In fact you could flip flop these two as 1 or 2 on this list. I just want to mention the J. Giles Band live “Full House” as the big omission from this list. In fact at one time I would have put it as high as number 3 on my personal list.

  45. Mickey Mac

    Can’t believe you left out Ry Cooder and Corridos Famosos – “Live in San Francisco”, and Ry Cooder – “Showtime”!! But seriously, folks: everyone has their favorite chestnut that might not appear on someone else’s list. Of my two favorite live albums, one is on the list and one isn’t. Allman Brothers – “Live at Fillmore East” is my all-time favorite live album (it’s the one that got me playing electric and slide guitar and set me off on that musical road to perdition!). Little Feat – “Waiting for Columbus” is a close second. All in all, not a bad cross section, though.

  46. Benny Rees

    IMHO some glaring omissions from the above list – INXS “Baby Live Baby – XS Tour Live At Wembley Stadium, London, 13 July 1991”, Duran Duran “Arena”, Scorpions – MTV Unplugged In Athens (2CD), Nena featuring Nena – Live From Frankfurt, Depeche Mode “101”, U2 “Zooropa – Live From Sydney”, Bryan Adams – Bare Bones (2010), Wham! “Edge Of Heaven”, Communards “Storm Paris”, Erasure Live At The Seaside (Brighton Dome, 14 April 1987)… not everything I mention has been released either, some are bootlegs – such as Tracy Chapman – “Chestnut Cabaret ’88”

    Ignore live albums, whenever possible, watch the shows from DVD or Blu-ray instead. You’ll enjoy it much more!

  47. Rick Dio

    Definitely some great albums missing. To have Kiss any where near this list of great bands is ridiculous. Absolutely the worst band ever to make It big.

  48. Peter Currie

    Joe Cocker, Mad Dogs & Englishmen

    John Mayall, Turning Point

    Kiss? Motorhead? Iron Maiden? Are you kiddin me?! Who compiled this list, Ozzy?

  49. Randy

    These things are always very subjective. Of course no one will have the same list. Still there are a couple of huge omissions that should be on any live album list. Bob Seger- Live Bullet has been #1 on several lists Ive seen and gets no mention here. Yes- Yessongs…. Yes isnt everybodys cup of tea but Yesssongs is simply one of the best live recordings ever released. Without those two on the list somewhere this list is meaningless.

  50. Dean Young

    I would have liked to see the list that the top 25 were chosen from. So many good ones are hardly mentioned. Such as Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall, the original Fleetwood Mac live at the Fillmore, Ten Years After Live at the Fillmore and the Concert for Bangladesh.

  51. KARLP

    My top 5:
    1. Allman Brothers Band – Live at Fillmore East
    2. Grateful Dead – Europe 72
    3. Joe Cocker – Mad Dogs & Englishmen
    4. Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsys
    5. Little Feat – Waiting for Columbus

  52. Karlp

    1. Allman Brothers Band – Live at Fillmore East
    2. Grateful Dead – Europe 72
    3. Joe Cocker – Mad Dogs & Englishmen
    4. Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsys
    5. Little Feat – Waiting for Columbus

  53. Rick

    Nice list and some great additions in comments. A few of my favorites growing up – Aerosmith Double Live Bootleg … Iron Maiden Maiden Japan … UFO Lights Out Live … Scorpions Tokyo Tapes … Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo … McCartney and Wings Wings Over America … Neil Young Live Rust was pivotal in my music fandom career … and Cheap Trick Live at Budokan and Frampton Comes Alive were just friggin’ huge!

  54. AceDuncan

    I hate lists like this, because these are 25 great albums and yet I can think of a dozen others that should be on here.

  55. John

    No Johnny Winter And Live, GF Railroad, Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall, Yes Songs, Santana, AC/DC If You Want Blood You Got It, no Jeff Beck (got to be kidding), Kansas Two For the Show. Pat Travers Go For What You Know, Van Halen Live without a Net. Who made up this list, Dick Clark or some 12 year old kid? I’m in my 60’s and a professional musician. So I’ve seen everyone live. I’ve owned every live rock album worth owning.

  56. Tom Tuerff

    Sorry, but this list is moot since they don’t mention “Waiting for Columbus” by Little Feat. Simply the best-recorded live album of a band at their very best. You don’t have to put it at #1 (although it deserves to be) but not including it here simply shows how ignorant the writer is.

  57. Bernie deGastyne

    Are you kidding me?? The Climax Blues Band FM Live album in 1973 is one of the top ten of all-time period. Maybe the sales were’t there but the musicians certainly were. Can’t believe they were left out!!

  58. Jordan

    Any “best live albums” list without Derek and the Dominoes Live at the Fillmore is an ignorant list. And I second Mr. Tuerff – where is “Waiting for Columbus”?? And finally… no Zappa?? Really?

  59. Geoff B-S

    The list is great, but the comments and remarks are just as entertaining!!!

    Who cares if your own personal favourite is not there – it’s somebody else’s list.

    Like the post.


  60. John Blair

    Some good live albums on this list, but some missing..

    Strangers In The Night (UFO)
    David Live (David Bowie) – my personal favourite
    Seconds Out (Genesis)
    Detours (Saga) – great album
    If You Want Blood You Got It (AC/DC) – saw them live on this tour.. Awesome!

  61. Devonjohn

    So where is UFO’s Strangers in the Night from 1978? Hello Chicago….. Once universally accepted as the greatest “live” album and unlike many bands of the 70s still touring and making new music.

  62. Ketil Svendsen

    Grand Funk aren’t that important outside the US, but if they’re on the list why not include the Nuge? He made better albums than political views 😉 … Oh, and Live at Leeds deserves the #1 spot! Pretty hard to beat that one. Pretty low score for Motörhead though, and while we’re onto Lemmy: Hawkwind “Space Ritual” is mysteriously missing … Great to see MC5 there – but where’s the Ramones’ “It’s Alive”? AC/DC “If you want blood”? Such a list will NEVER be complete, but thanks for the effort! 🙂

  63. nycjeff18

    No Derek & the Dominoes??? #1 ABB Live at the Fillmore #2 Derek & the Dominoes Live at the Fillmore #3 Stones Get Your Ya Yas #4 Who Live at Leeds #5 Dead Europe ’72

  64. paul armfield

    deep purple made in japan no 1 how can you beat this this band knows how to play live the best band in the world and they are still going

  65. JF GeSchmidtt

    The Byrds Untitled. The rendition of 8 miles high is just killer. Also Mountain Live has that amazing long version of Nantucket Sleighride. Finally, and I can’t believe this is not on there, Bless Its Pointed Little Head. Jefferson Airplane. By far their best album.

  66. TestaOn

    For those saying The Allman Brothers Band – Live at Fillmore East should have been included, that’s Duane Allman’s smiling face at #2. The Grateful Dead makes an appearance too. Nice countdown, but of course, we could could probably communally agree on another 25 that would be worthy of making this list.

  67. dan doiron

    One of my all time favorite Live albums was..Edgar Winters “Roadwork” a great double album, with Tobacco Road! Another is Poco their “Deliverin” album was excellent.

  68. philippe planchard

    Some suggestions
    Ramones: It’s Alive The Rainbow
    Nirvarna: Live At Reading
    Joy Division: Bains Douches
    Rolling Stones: Brussels Affair

  69. Graham Lewis

    This poll just ain’t got the groove. No Parliament ‘Live: P. Funk Earth Tour’, nor James Brown ‘Live At The Apollo’

  70. George

    Good list. Need:
    Ten Years After: Recorded Live
    Mothers: live at the Fillmore
    Dave Mason: Certified Live
    Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Animal
    Little Feat: waiting for Colombus
    And either live J Giels LP

  71. rick romanelli

    Outlaws – Bring ’em Back Alive
    ZZ Top – Fandango (Side 1)
    Genesis – Seconds Out
    Journey – Captured

  72. Doug McWilliams

    You really need to include Happy Trails by Quicksilver Messenger Service and Bless its Pointed Little Head by the Jefferson Airplane. Not sure it qualifies but Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention’a Just Another Band From LA is also awesome.

  73. Doug McWilliams

    To be on such a list a record really needs to speak to giving you a sense of being at the show as well as appealing to a rather broad audience. It also needs to have made a difference. For me, Live at Leeds, Get Yer Ya-Yas out, Bless It’s Pointed Little Head, Live Dead, Happy Trails do all of that. I can’t speak to some of the others. It would be remiss not to also consider the 2 first Woodstock records. Oh, I forgot Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company. Wow!

  74. Bengt G Carlsson

    Agree with a lot of other commentators, Grand Funk Railroad Live is a given on this list. Allman Brothers should be no 1, but Live at Leeds is among top 5, Would like to include Absolutely Live by the Doors and “Bless its pointed little Head” by JA, but then again, it is all about personal tastes and to a large extent a generation thing, right?

    1. Michael Young

      Slade gets no respect in the U.S., but was a great live band. Hear Me Calling. In Like a Shot From My Gun. When I was in 11th grade I had to look in just about every record store in town to find it.

    1. Michael Young

      Big Rory fan, but Stage Struck has terrible sound. I might like it better if it was recorded better. Live in Europe and Irish Tour much better.

  75. MH

    Woodstock , how can you miss that one, Bangladesh is another can’t miss, Bob Seger Silver Bullet, Bob Dylan and the Band

  76. Ted Barry

    Jethro Tull – Live: Bursting Out. One of the greatest live recordings of all-time! Also, I’m a fan of UFO – Strangers In The Night.

  77. Barry

    Humble Pie- Rockin The Fillmore
    Johnny Winter And
    Wishbone Ash- Live Dates
    Hendrix- Band of Gypsys
    Robin Trower- Live
    Grand Funk RR- Live

  78. Rafal

    I am surprised that Littlefeat’s ” Waiting for Columbus ” was not on the list.
    The Feat’s last great performances before Lowell passed away.
    TURN IT UP!!!!!!

  79. Ian Coventry

    There Was a Frank Zappa live album that featured Italian Police Helicopter and Tear gassing Rioters out side the Stadium

    1. James Rodriguez

      Not all live albums suck. Sammy Hagar’s Live All Night Long and PT’s Go For What You Know were all completely live and great. No overdubs.

  80. david Thorndike

    You missed one of the all time best hard rock live albums
    UFO-Strangers in the night.
    A must have, check it out what a classic live concert.

  81. mike

    I totally agree. There are many great artists missing. I have most of the live LPs and CDs. My favorite is live and dangerous. A good way to this is poll the fans and then make UR list. Compile the result into atleast the top 50.

  82. John W

    HOW COULD YOU forget…. Jimi Hendrix- Band of gypsys…. That was an incredible performance from the band, Please watch and/or listen to it….Bob Marley is up there too….

  83. Eddy

    Where is WISHBONE ASH – LIVE DATES???? or YES – YESSONGS? (i don’t know the UFO album, so…. it’s a shame, i can’t comment that one)


    IRISH TOUR – Rory Gallagher
    SINATRA at The Sands
    WOODSTOCK three records set
    GRAND FUNK of course ! ! !
    ……………………… and please , throw out THIN LIZZY , it’s a fake !

  85. Geoff Malecky

    Humble Pie should have been top 5. No excuse for leaving Lou Reed’s Rock and Roll Animal or Lou Reed Live (same show) off the list. The Concert For Bangladesh, J. Geils Band Full House, Clapton Unplugged, Bowie’s David Live also deserving.

  86. Lucy

    Not bad overall. but there could have been a place for Pulse or Queen at Wembley in there. A rock top 25 without Pink Floyd or Queen can’t be that complete.

  87. Haych

    Lou Reed’s “Rock n Roll Animal” should be on the list, as should “Free Live!” and Joe Cocker’s “Mad Dog’s and Englishmen.”

  88. Kamanyan

    ‘Rock of Ages’ by The Band is far better than ‘Last Wartz’.
    Among the soul albums, don’t miss ‘Donny Hathaway Live’.

  89. JohnL

    I love Cream’s but on Wheels of Fire only 4 songs are live the rest is from the studio.I’d say Cream Live Volume 2 is their best live album.

  90. Tubbs

    Kiss? ?the musical masurbaters over RORY FUCKING GALLAGHER 1974 TOUR??What a joke Kiss’ stage show is amazing..to take ur mind off the fact that they are utter SHITE, just interested in merchandising, not music…obviously jews/americans ‘compiled’ the list!!! No UFO strangers??

    1. Michael Young

      I’m American and Rory, Status Quo, and Slade get no respect over here and their live albums were better than some on that list.

  91. Brent Getz

    The James Gang Live in Concert should have made the list along with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band’s Live Bullet! Also The Who Live at Leeds and Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys!

  92. Dee Reilly

    Wishbone Ash” Hot Ash”, 1980, Yesshows. 1980, Deep Purple, Made in Europe, 1974, E.L.P. Welcome back my friends, 1974, E.L.P. in concert, 1979. Johnny Winter “captured live”, 1976. Wings, over America, 1976, April Wine, Live, 1981, Max Webster, Live magnetic air, 1979.Fleetwood Mac live, 1980. Del Amitri, Into the mirror, live 2014.

  93. Michel Gignac

    I only really own one live album : Rick Wakeman’s “Journey To The Center Of The Earth”. All new music, a masterpiece.

  94. Lawrence Hudon

    Anybody who thinks Kiss should be on this list should take serious music lessons. Hell most of the heavy metal bands my 20 + year old son listins to play better live music than them. Some names: In Flames, children of Bodom and a spinoff of Children, actually the guitar players original band Synergy are way ahead of anything KISS ever made.Again,one man’s genius is another man’s crap. It’s all a matter of taste.

    1. David

      I understand your point about Kiss. But as far as sales and impact, Kiss Alive was a pretty important album in it’s day. Many good live recordings were left off but that the way these lists go. #1 they got right though!

  95. hipychik

    Nobody has mentioned Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen. No Nukes. 4 Way Street should with out a doubt be on the list. I definitely do not agree with a lot of their picks. It’s all about opinion and as we know opinions are like….well you know the rest.

  96. Hasse

    Definitely Chicago IV. Was early Chicago greatest Hits from first three albums, played out live.
    Amasing and everything. With Terry Kath and Peter Cetera. They were so well tuned together i Carnegie Hall shows

  97. Barry

    You need to relabel the list Greatest Rock live albums. There are no Jazz, Country, Pop, R&B recordings on the list. Personally i don’t segregate music it is either good or bad

    1. Barry

      I must make a correction James Brown and Johnny Cash are on your list but it is still seriously lacking music from the rest of the world. Very narrow minded list which taints the excellent recordings that are on it.

    1. Michael Young

      Yes, Nirvana is rated too high in general. Make two so so records and you are some kind of music God. I don’t think so.

  98. DGein

    25 Best is a short list some odd choices for such a list. 50 or 100 a bit more telling. Fond spot for Live Cream (vol2 not bad first one more straight up jamming every song) also Colosseum Live (1971) as well as Grand Funk Railroad Live and Steppenwolf Live. Both Woodstock albums love the rest of the Hendrix on Woodstock 2 as well as Jefferson Airplane. Other worthy adds already noted CSN&Y 4 Way Street, Hendrix Band Of Gypsies, The Band Rock Of Ages, Zappa Live Filmore East, Genesis Live (1973). No one mentioned King Crimson Earthbound though bootleggy in quality interesting period for that band. Pretty clear a larger list would include many of the other highlights as noted by others too. Good opportunity to cogitate on the history of rock. Jeez and what about a classic bootleg list Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill and of course the original Great White Wonder.

  99. DGein

    Also played the crap out of Pink Floyd Ummagumma and Johnny Winter And Live the latter one of few examples of Winter and Derringer duking it out hard to find other material with that line up.

    1. Gérard

      I totally agree with you : Yes live is a must with Yessongs, Live in the House of Blues and the fabulous Live with Orchestra (Amsterdam, 2001)

  100. Gérard

    Rory Gallagher’s Irish Tour ’74
    Rainbow on stage
    Deep Purple Made in Europe
    Hot Tuna ‘s Double Dose
    Grand Funk’s Live album
    The J. Geils Band Live ! Blow your face out !
    John Cale’s Sabotage
    Lou Reed’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal + Lou Reed live
    Blue Öyster Cult’s On your feet or on your knees
    Thin Lizzy’s Live & Dangerous
    Viva ! Roxy Music
    The Byrds Untitled/Unissued
    Great White’s Great Zeppelin
    The Frost’s Rock and roll music
    Dylan at Budokan
    Crosby Stills Nash & Young : Four way street
    The Doors’ Absolutely live

  101. Dave

    For impact – hard to keep Frampton’s album out of #1 (and I didn’t particularly enjoy it …). Albums I DID enjoy that aren’t on here: Rare Earth – In Concert, and The Guess Who – Live at the Paramount.

  102. Colin Hanaghan

    Some belters here some I don’t know, but since everyone of these lists is about personal opinions, Where is “If you want Blood” – AC DC?

  103. R C Justice

    what about The Last Days of the Filmore West That performance included Boz Scaggs Elvin Bishop, Santana, Malo, Cold Blood, Bloodstone, Quicksilver, It’s a beautiful Day, Grateful Dead, one of the best live albums ever.

  104. WRB

    The best of the best
    Europe 72
    Too Late to Stop Now
    Dylan & the Band in England
    Live at Leeds
    Get your Ya Yas out
    Filmore East

  105. Geoff Hansplant

    Hmmm…….. Some great titles for sure, but I don’t see “The Concert for Bangladesh,” Jefferson Airplane’s “Bless Its Pointed Little Head,” or Lindisfarne’s “Magic In The Air,” one of the most criminally overlooked albums of all time!

  106. Ed

    Your age certainly determines who ‘you’ think should be on here… For me, the two year period between 75-77 was ‘live’ album heaven in my book. Frampton Comes Alive, Kiss Alive, Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo, Geils Blow Your Face Out; and the glaring one that is missing from this list, Seger Live Bullet!

  107. David

    “How the West Was Won” was a far better live recording of Led Zeppelin than “The Song Remains the Same” Most of the list I am good with. Props for including Johnny Cash!

  108. dennis erenstone

    missed a lot agree with bless it’s pointed little head, happy trails, johnny winter live, bad of gypsies, live at leeds, inagada da vida , and the live adventures of al kooper and mike bloomfield, john mayall turning point!

  109. Dano

    I realize you have to be a true ” Supertramp ‘ fan to appreciate their music, but ” Paris ” is one of the greatest live recordings ever !!! oooh, and what about ” Yessongs ” ???

  110. Dano

    alsoooooo,,, Pink Floyd’s ” Pulse ” if only for the reason it has ” Dark Side of the Moon ” in it’s entirety !!!

  111. Eddie

    Van Morrison’s Too Late to Stop Now or Too Long in Exile are great live albums, and where is Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder? Then there is Johnny Winter and Live or for something electronic Jean Michel Jarre’s Concert’s in China. Dire Straits’ Alchemy, Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert, Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen, I could go on but we all have our favourites don’t we? Nothing written here will be definitive for everyone but being there is the best way to hear a live performance.

    1. kaptain beyond

      eric clapton’s rainbow concert has never made the top of any list. not even the best live albums recorded by eric clapton at the rainbow list! =D

  112. J.W.Goette

    Wow talking about dropping the ball, This is not a poll it’s someone’s cruddy choice’s.
    What happen were you rushed for time while all the time living a bubble, You should be Trumped with a swift kick, OMG,

  113. wayne hoey

    Hendrix – Band of Gypies, Steppenwolf, Derek and the Dominos come to mind as being missed. Rush, Kiss, Thin Lizzy, Peter Frampton are unlistenable.

  114. Stormin

    Blue Oyster Cult “On Your Feet or on Your Knees”
    Rainbow “On Stage”
    UFO “strangers in the Night”
    Then Johnny Cash
    This list needed a little more cowbell.
    Happy New Year

  115. leigh williams

    Celebration day? How about Rory’s ‘lrish tour ’74?, Lou Reed’s ‘Rock n Roll Animal!! ….and as a wildcard, a personal fav, Genesis Live.

  116. Stanley Hilborn

    What , no James Gang or Jefferson Airplane:”Bless It’s Pointed Head”? Also agree with where’s Grand Funk!

  117. jeff sarrow

    Live at Fillmore East is, without a doubt , the best live album ever. Not even debatable.. Glad to see high ranking for JB live at the Apollo. Wheels of Fire should be top 10 (awesome version of Spoonful). Glaring omissions : Dylan 1966 at Royal Albert Hall
    Phish “A Live One”
    Counting Crows “Across a Wire”

    Someone mentioned Airplane’s ” Bless it’s Pointed Head’ . Great album

  118. kaptain beyond

    some of these are well known forgeries, like faked and/or totally touched up in the studio later. where is Ween’s Painting The Town Brown, TV’s The Blow Up, Meat Puppets Live In Montana, Robyn Hitchcock Gotta Let This Hen Out, Cream Live Vol. 2 (forget WOF), Fuzztones Live in Europe, Husker Du The Living End, Jefferson Airplane Bless It’s Pointed Little Head, Bob Dylan Hard Rain, & Royal Albert Hall 66, Butthole Surfers Double Live, Iron Butterfly Live, Hot Tuna Double Dose, Built To Spill Live, Robin Trower Live, Aerosmith Double Live Bootleg, Derek & The Dominoes In Concert, Rheostatics Double Live, Giant Sand Goods & Services, King Crimson USA, Throwing Muses The Curse, Spiritualized Royal Albert Hall, Nirvana From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah, Fugs Golden Filth.

  119. michael

    It’s too early in the morning to list all of the omissions here but the first ones that come to mind are Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsies. Derek & the Dominoes – In Concert and Little Feat – Waiting For Columbus

  120. Patvyn

    – Gentle giant: Playing the fool
    – Zappa: Roxy & elsewhere
    – Jethro Tull: Bursting out
    – Colosseum: Live
    – Robin Trower: Live
    – Little feat: Waiting for Columbus

  121. R Dube

    An unpluggeg should not be considered

    GFR should définitive lu be there

    Ya Ya s Out is the best in my opinion for the period. Ask all bands they will tell you they were listening to it before going on stage. Live at Leeds is a good choice but not the best; the long version is disappointing. Frampton is overrared.

  122. Steve Roberts

    Absolute bollocks. The GREATEST live show in musical history is PULSE by Pink Floyd. There has NEVER been a live gig before or since that comes close to that gig. Also you,ve missed Welcome back my friends….by ELP
    Live in Montreux by Yes
    On the Night by Dire Straits
    Live at the Albert Hall……by Joe Bonamassa
    If you want blood……..by AC-DC
    Whoever put together your top 25 knows nothing about live gigs!!!!!!

  123. John McT

    Many great ones listed but 2 missing. Back in the day Bob Seger really rocked and his double live album launched him to fame and also J Geils band had couple great live albums.

  124. Terry

    Got three of these! To those who deride the list, you should understand everyone has their personal favorites, and often love a particular style. ‘Favorites’ lists like this are meant to be a sampling of the ‘best of ‘ according to a wide range of people with varying tastes. Every person could pick their own 25 best using any criterion, and it would never match anyone’s else’s best. The fact that I could find three that I actually own was amazing. Hell, some of the ones people are throwing out as the best live albums ever are titles and even bands I have never even heard of.

  125. Chris Cope

    David Bowie Live at Santa Monica
    Ramones Alive

    3 of my all time favourite live albums and not a mention

  126. Eddie

    Drop Kiss and the Allmans and substitute Johnny Winter and Live along with Van Morrison Too Long in Exile.

  127. tim echols

    you missed lou reed, rock n roll animal. same guitarists as alice cooper’s classic band, dick wagner and steve hunter. it is my favorite all-time live album.

  128. Kevin K.

    Missed 2. Steppinwolf Live and UFO Strangers in the Night.I prefer the original Strangers though.Didn’t care for the added songs on the remaster.Seeing a lot of Kiss haters here.Take a look around, that double live album is on every live list.Although this list does rank it at its highest that I’ve seen.By only 1 notch from a few lists though, including Rolling Stone Mag.

  129. Crazed Loner

    The Top 3 are spot on. The rest, despite their various and varying credentials, are just making up the numbers. But no Hendrix?

  130. Hankster

    Always appreciate the efforts of anyone who invests the time and effort to prepare a “best album” list. Personally, I would have included Little Feat – Waiting For Columbus to the exclusion of anything from KISS. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  131. Mick Brockwell

    No Zappa – Live at the Roxy? No Hendrix? How about Woodstock or even better: Live in San Diego 1969 -just over an hour of guitar mayhem.
    Doctor Feelgood – Stupidity?
    I agree with a lot of the previous comments re J Geils – Full House

  132. ric mcdurfee

    Who was the Turd Master that developed this list of 25 greatest “Live” albums? Must have only 25 albums. How can you not include The Last Waltz and two of Queen’s “Live” albums—“Live” at Wembley’86 and Queen “Live” Killers from 1979? Trying to whittle all the “Live” albums down to 25 was the most ‘brain freeze session’ one could have ever had. The best bet would have been to list the top 100 albums and not list them by # by your own personal choice.

  133. Mervyn Dendy

    The list doesn’t include “Viva!” by Roxy Music, released in 1976. Easily the best live album of all time, in my view.

  134. cora

    Live albums should reflect the feel of the concert, for me
    the DOORS absolutely live, is the best live album
    i also love Joni Mitchells with the LA Express,
    Van Morrison Too LateTo Stop

  135. Tom

    Who did this? How can you forget Face to face from Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel und – hello? – the really best live album ever: Curtis / LIVE!??

  136. jim

    Considering any list is immediately open to criticism, this one is pretty good. As long as you have the Stones and Who in the top 3. I might have added “Woodstock”, not only for it’s importance and variety but because of blistering performances by Ten Years After, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Sly and the Family Stone. The live side of Mountain’s” Flowers of Evi”l is epic, as is “Slade Alive”, showing why they were one of Britain’s greatest bands of the 70’s.

  137. Ray Watt

    This is a great list and I know everything can’t be included, but how do you miss .Lynyrd Skynyrd?
    Freebird by itself is a great album
    Just one man’s opinion..

  138. James

    I would put the Woodstock on the list, since as a eighteen year old at the time it turned me onto such a long list of at the time unknown bands, such as Ten Years After, Paul Butterfield, CSN, etc. Not the best sounds.

  139. Laci

    I miss ELP Welcomw Back my Friends, Grand Funk Live Album from 1970, Uriah Heep Live from 1973 and Frank Zappa Live at Filmore East from 1971. I could extend the list upto 40, maybe 50 🙂

  140. Alfred Childs

    J. Geils Band – Live, Full House
    Procol Harem Live – with the Edmonton Symphony Orch.
    Little Feat – Live in Neon Park
    Paul McCartney – Wings Over America
    Genesis – Seconds Out

  141. Greg

    Wow…did I actually read some guy saying drop the Allman Brothers Fillmore East…this album not only is one of the most dynamic in rock history the sound quality is amazing for it’s time. There are dozens left off the list yes…Little Feet – Waiting for Columbus, The Deads Europe 72 would have been my choice over Live dead.

    One album that is clearly overlooked and personally I consider his best work and band ever is Santana’s Lotus album.

  142. Cory F

    Three words: BAND OF GYPSYS

    (There’s a few other live albums that I’d definitely throw out in favor of others but this is the most obvious omission)

  143. Eric Hall

    Where’s –
    “On The Road” – Traffic
    “Live” – Colosseum
    “Live Dates” – Wishbone Ash
    and the best live album ever recorded –
    “Live in the City Of Light” – Simple Minds

  144. Colin

    I saw the post and before I even looked at the list I had Concert for Bangladesh on my mind, great concert, but I guess most of you are too young to remember it.

  145. Captain

    The better Cream choice is the Albert Hall Reunion album and Live 2. Trust me you’d have to build a wall to keep me from listening to these two recordings.

  146. Skiddy

    I prefer Deep Purple’s Made In Europe rather than Made In Japan. Grand Funk Railroad is a big miss from this list & definitely a top tenner. Would have put Rainbow On Stage on the list too.

  147. joe

    “CROSSROADS” and “SPOONFUL,” unsurpassed by any short and long improvs in rock history, were played back to back in the same magic set at Winterland. “Wheels of Fire” brought them to the masses. Saw Cream Nov 3rd 1968 Baltimore Civic Center.

  148. Kras

    Nice list, I would add:

    Gentle Giant – Playing The Fool
    Yes – Yessongs
    Cardiacs – The Special Garage Concerts
    Primus – Suck On This
    King Crimson – The Night Watch & Absent Lovers
    The Sex Pistols – Filthy Lucre
    Madness – Madstock
    Nirvana – Live at Reading
    Queen – Live Killers or Live at the Rainbow’1974
    Jethro Tull – Live Bursting Out or Carnegie Hall
    Genesis – Live
    Bowie – Ziggy or Santa Monica
    Led Zep – Hot The West Was Won
    Fantomas/Melvins – Millennium Monsterwork

  149. David Cooke

    Just because your fave band make a live album does not mean that it will be great. Kraan’s studio output is so-so at times – and yet their mid 70s live album is a thing of awe and wonder. The hipster insistence that Nirvana MUST have a presence on any such list is laughable. Robin Trower LIVE is great until you hear BBC In Concert, which blows it out the water. Frank Marino’s live albums are ripping too. Sadly, a lot of live albums merely display moderately played greatest hits and are a cheap (from the record companies point of view) offering to fans for a fast buck. Most bands suck live.

  150. Generic Daryl

    Where’s ________ (insert favorite excluded band)? You totally lack credibility, man. But seriously – no “Live at the Paramount” by The Guess Who?

  151. Javier PB

    So many left out. ….
    Journey- Captured
    Styx- Caught in the Act
    Van Halen- Right Here Right Now
    HSAS- Through the Fire
    Scorpions – World Wide Live
    Fleetwood Mac – Live
    Gary Moore – We Want More
    Kansas- Two for the Show
    Chicago – At Carnegie Hall
    Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous
    ……and the list go on…..

  152. Tom

    A good coverage of most types of music, and there’s a few I was happy to see make this list. But one of the best live albums wasn’t included, Little Feat’s Waiting For Columbus. The revised CD version has added tracks that weren’t on the LP or first release CD. Its my favorite live album.

  153. bob

    Just a few omissions:
    Neil Diamond Hot August Night Sinatra Live at the Sands Grand Funk Railroad ,YesSongs,ELP Welcome back my friends. Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo Nanci Griffith Live ,Joni Mitchell Miles of Aisles, CSN&Y 4 Way Street, Jackson Browne Miles Davis Live at the Fillmore ,ill stop because there many, many, more but Ill close with the biggest omission Judy Garland Live at Carnegie Hall oh and The Band Rock of Ages

  154. Alan Boney

    For me the greatest is live cream vol ll. And Steppin Out from that album the greatest track. Clapton is pure genius on this track. Led Zep should be much much higher. Like a few others can’t understand why Peter Frampton is in this list at all.

  155. Ernest

    Missing: Janis & Big Brother; Jimi BoG; GFR; Dire Straights; Little Feat’ Doors, etc. Included: Kiss. Something stinks

  156. David Neesley

    Since this is such a subjective topic, who was the definitive purveyor of what is and what isn’t? Is this based on sales, personal taste, how stoned you were when you heard it, or you were at the actual concert when it was recorded? It would make sense that maybe Joel Whitburn would make these choice’s since he’s probably the #1 Rock music history buff in the world. When it say’s we’ve scoured the Net, means a collective effort on the part of people who haven’t be alive long enough to know who “The Beatles” are or stoners who have lived inside a bong their entire life? And suddenly “UDiscover Music.com crops up out of the blue with the definitive list of live performances from the masters of rock, with no other introduction or musical back ground other than “Here we are”. Highly suspect


    I would include ‘ THE GREATEST LIVE SHOW ON EARTH’ by JERRY LEE LEWIS and TEN YEARS AFTER’S LIVE AT KLOOK’S KLEEK as well as WELCOME BACK AGAIN TO THE SHOW THAT NEVER ENDS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER but maybe if you see a recommendation here you haven’t heard before give it a try you may have been missing a gem.

  158. Toad

    Jeez, comment section, enough with the Grand Funk Railroad. I’m listening to Caught In The Act right now, and it’s good, but it’s not all that. The opener is amazing, but most of the rest is…good, it’s good, I’m not saying it’s not good, but you’re overpraising it. They were great for what they were, and what they were was a notch above Three Dog Night. Half a notch.

    Speaking of funk, an album nobody has mentioned is Parliament’s P-Funk Earth Tour from 1977. George Clinton is a genius living among us–you people know that, right???

    Also, not a rocker, but a great live album that I don’t think anybody mentioned is Joni Mitchell’s Shadows And Light. It’s got Jaco, Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker, and they all sound great.

    Also, honorable mention to Nils Lofgren’s Night After Night. It isn’t one of the greatest, but it’s one you should know. Hard to find, it got dropped from his catalog but it’s his best album, I think; it’s REALLY good.

  159. Jeff

    Missing is 24 Nights by Eric Clapton unique and very live put together with 4 different bands/groups/orchestras recorded at the same venue…a must have in any library.
    Unplugged by Clapton also missing and it launched many groups to unplug and show their true talent as singers and musicians. Also demonstrating that an acostic cover of Layla can top the charts for a second time an encore of a epic rock anthem.
    Frampton Comes Alive is the greatest selling live album of all time and lead many of these other groups to try and duplicate his success. Truely an artist who’s live work was better than his studio work and his live music still gets airplay on radio, TV and film…40 years after release!
    Led Zeppelins The Song Remains the Same was so good that the movie played at the Cinerama Dome like forever in the 70’s truely should be near the top of any list.
    Wings Over America was so popular that a new generation met Paul and company and the Beatles were actually second place on his resume….which was “Maybe Amazing” at the time.
    Deep Purple Made In Japan with live hits of Smoke on the Water and Highway Star that rivaled the success of the studio versions even to this day the live versions get airplay.
    Fleetwood Mac the Dance reintroduced this legendary group to a new generation and several tracks climbed up the charts almost as high as the original studio versions.
    Hot August Night when it came out and it was on the top of the album charts for years. At the time it was huge with all audiences and all ages and genres.
    For age perspective I was young enough to see Van Halen when they were covering Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple and playing at a local Masonic Hall for $3.00 a ticket to see 3 bands.

  160. JR

    No Little Feat? No Kinks? No Bob Segar? No Lou Reed? But you include Nirvana, Iron Maiden, and U2? Of the four I mentioned, at least one of them has to be on the list, and yes, there is room for it/them when you remove the removable. Some great picks on the list, to end this rant on a positive note.

  161. Mick Lee

    This may come out of left field for you guys; but I would sugest Beach Boys Concert released in 1964. I realize The Beach Boys aren’t cool enough for a lot of you; but this album rocks!

  162. Bob

    Jefferson Airplane – Bless its Pointed Little Head
    John Mayall – Turning Point
    Johnny Winter – Live Johnny Winter And
    TYA – Recorded Live
    Allmann Brothers – At Fillmore East
    And above all: Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsies
    Not to mention:: Miles Davis – The Cellar Door Sessions, Agharta/Pangea, At the Fillmore, We Want Miles,…. Actually any of his many, many live recordings, all the way down to Bird.

  163. Ralf

    Hmm … What about Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus; Yes, Yessongs; Roy Buchanan, Livestock; Rory Gallagher, Irish Tour; Pink Floyd, Pulse … and more?

  164. Fat

    Dont know if any one else has mentioned them but, David Bowie Live at the Tower Philadelphia ( I think thats how its spelt ), Blue Oyster Cults On your Feet Or On Your Knees and a short one, Slade alive.

  165. Patvyn

    Colosseum – Live
    Zappa – Roxy & elsewhere
    Jethro Tull – Bursting out
    Robin Trower – Live
    UFO – Strangers in the night
    Gentle Giant – Playing the fool
    Camel – A live record
    Little Feat – Waiting for Columbus

  166. Neil

    A real cop out list this. More of a ‘journalists most slobbered over’ than actual, ‘best ever live albums’. Nirvanas borefest at no.3? Yeah right… Made in Japan not in the top five? No UFO – Strangers in the Night? Kiss Alive in the top ten? Fun yes, a great live album no. No Lou Reed – Rock and Roll Animal, yet Creams mess of a workout on Wheels of fire is included!? No Bob Seger live Bullet, no Hawkwind – Space Ritual, no Genesis – seconds out, no BOC – Some enchanted evening? I know this will offend some people but the Who – Live at Leeds the best ever? With the awful sound and scrappy performances? Sorry, it’s the most overrated, and over egged live album ever.

  167. Bert Truman

    You left out the #1 live record of all time – Band of Gypsys with Jimi Hendrix. And #2 is Lou Reed – Rock and Roll Animal. Kiss at #5? Please….

  168. David Pearcy

    Where was Jimi Hendrix – Band Of Gypsys
    Rory Galagher Live
    Mountain – The Road Goes Ever On
    Uriah Heep Live
    To name a few……just sayin.

  169. Kevin Green

    This is a magic gem- Gentle Giant- Playing the fool – Superb LIVE arrangements of their complex kick ass music!!!!!!

  170. Kevin Hough

    I was at one of the Humble Pie shows (late show 11:30). I liked and preferred all the Cream live albums, I always though they had a totally different sound live. We wore out the groves on Live Cream Vol I, I still listen to I – II, wheels of fire. Jack Bruce’s bass really pops on II.

  171. Michael

    KISS should not be on this list, it’s a known fact that they were not live, just studio tracks with overdubbed live audience.
    I would have included Judas Priest “Unleashed in the East”, and Ozzy Osbourne, “Speak of the Devil”.

  172. Smarty

    Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall has been overlooked by virtually everyone!! The Who and Allman Brothers are as expected in the top 5.

  173. Steve S

    Ludicrous omissions due to very conservative tastes and a loss of interest in music after the 70s! No ACDC ‘If You want Blood’; Muse ‘HAARP’ ; Jeff Buckley ‘Mystery White Boy’; The Frames ‘Set List’; Krafterk ‘Minimum Maximum’; Sam Cooke ‘Live at Harlem Square ’63’ and the No.1? Zep’s ‘How The west was Won’!

  174. Dave Joubert

    Why do some people get so serious and offensive? Someone drew up a list and it was great to read it (and totally disagree with some of the choices) and read the comments. But some people are so disrespectful. Would they say what they say to your face? I think not. certainly not t my face. Well, not twice anyway.

    Someone mentioned Free. that was it, no further comment. I think Free is/was the most underrated rock band of their era. They have an album called Free Live but apparently it is a compilation of live performances stitched together. But for those of you who don’t know Free, check them out. Paul Rodgers is still alive and is one of the greatest rock vocalists ever (in my humble opinion), and Paul Kossof was a truly gifted (but troubled) lead guitarist who died early. Not to mention a great bassist, great drummer, keyboardist. I would recommend listening to “Fire and Water” and Mr. Big” for starters.

  175. Pepper

    Nirvana does not belong on this list… and I know only half of these are live, but what about ZZ Top’s “Fandango!” and Pink Floyd’s “Ummagumma” live bits? And The Mothers “Fillmore East” is a must as well~!

  176. Steve S.

    @Dave Joubert – I’ll consider myself told off there and point well made but consider please that this is a website purporting to represent the ‘best of the best of’ lists and not a private individual who maight be offended, hence my mild cynicism. Anyways, thanks for reminding me of Paul Rodgers – as a result I just recalled the current tour and booked my tickets for Bad Co in Nottingham!
    This is a great thread and thanks to all for contributions of albums that don’t appear in the regular best of lists – I’ve started listening to many of the suggestions list already. Lou Reed’s ‘Rock n Roll Animal’ is top notch. Keeping the thread going, how about an alternative top live albums list? As in not just Dad (Grandad?) Rock but including other genres. I have:
    1. Silver White Light: Live at the IoW – Terry Reid
    2. Death to The Pixies – Pixies
    3. Set List – The Frames
    4. Live at Hammersmith Vol1 – The Enid
    5. Live, Manchester & Dublin – Rodrigo y Gabriela
    6. Live at Leeds – John Martyn
    7. The Long Goodbye – LCD Soundsystem
    8. Maximum Darkness – MAN
    9.Live at Ronnie Scott’s – Curtis Mayfield
    10. Live at Harlem Square ’63 – Sam Cooke
    11. BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert – New Order
    12. With Strings: Live at Town Hall – Eels
    13. Irish Tour 74 – Rory Gallagher
    14. Live Bootleg – Hound Dog Taylor and the House Rockers
    15. Dr Feelgood – Stupidity
    16. Mystery White Boy – Jeff Buckley
    17. Everything Everything – Underworld
    18. Live At The Marquee – 9 Below Zero
    19. Big Time – Tom Waits
    20. PNYC – Portishead

  177. McQ

    Pretty solid list – I’d move Motorhead up several spots, and Otis Redding Live In Europe or The Otis/Jimi Hendrix split Monterey Pop LP are better than several selections here – but otherwise, damn solid list

  178. James

    So many omissions.

    Hawkwind, Space Ritual
    X, Live at the Whisky
    Yes, Yessongs
    Bauhaus, Press The Eject and Give Me The Tape
    Jefferson Airplane, Bless Its Pointed Little Head
    Rare Earth, In Concert
    King Crimson, USA
    Crowded House, Farewell To The World
    Slade, Alive
    Rory Gallagher, Irish Tour ’74
    Colosseum, Live

    1. Delaney

      didn’t have a chance to read through all of the comments but I didn’t see any love for Tom Petty’s Pack Up the Plantation…seriously great live album at the height of his career with the Heartbreakers.

      And, oh yeah, UFO Strangers in the Night is one of the greatest live albums ever.

      And a personal favorite is Flogging Molly Live at the Greek…simply amazing.

  179. Chris

    Top 5 psych live albums:
    1. Jimi Hendrix Experience – Live at monterey
    2. Quicksilver Messenger Service – Happy Trails
    3. Electric Prunes – Stockholm 67
    4. Grateful Dead – Live/Dead
    5. Mighty Baby – Live in the attic

  180. Captain

    I’d throw MOST of that CRAP right on the CAMPFIRE.

    Wheels of Fire is fantastic along with the Allman Bros. You might want to consider these albums: The MOTHERS at the Fillmore, Absolutely Live – DOORS. RORY Gallagher Irish Tour, WOODSTOCK , MONTEREY , NEIL Young at MASSEY HALL l, DYLAN Before the Flood.

  181. Berry

    No live albums from The Boss in the list? Such a shame!
    My favourite live album is: Bruce Springsteen & The E-street Band – Hammersmith Odeon London ’75 which was released in 2006.

  182. Peter Angenent

    This is a list for kiddies,only one album belong’s on no. 1

    Live At The Starclub – Jerry Lee Lewis & The Nashville Teens (1964)

  183. Jim C.

    Rory Gallagher “Stage Struck” Leon Russell “Leon Live”, Hendrix “Band Of Gypsy’s,” ,Humble Pie “Eat It”, Crosby-Stills-Nash-Young “4 Way Street.”

  184. william

    I totally agree with #1. I still have my original 8 track of Live at Leeds…I actually have Cheap Trick Live album as well..But to leave off the “”Johnny Winter ‘And Live”” album discredits this list

  185. Geoff

    Two great albums come to my mind, one that everyone knows and one that you would probably only know if you were from England. The first is “The Concert for Bangladesh,” the very first all-star charity concert. George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar and Leon Russell (among a throng of others). Absolutely wonderful. The second is my pick as the greatest live album ever recorded, “Magic in the Air” by Lindisfarne. Recorded live at the Newcastle City Hall, it lives up to its “Magical” title with the band in perfect form. If you don’t know the band, they were / are Folk Rockers who made their first impression in the early 1970’s, contemporaries of Fairport Convention and the Strawbs, but with a little bit more of a roots rock vibe. You should check them out!

  186. baward

    The albums that people deservedly rate, but which are missing from this list (mine are ‘Waiting For Columbus’ by Little Feat and ‘What Do You Want From Live?’ by The Tubes) are missing because this web page is published by Universal.

  187. verystrange

    What about Queen Live at Wembley? Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band “Live Bullet?” The Tubes’ “What Do You Want From Live?” Elton John “Here and There?” Oingo Boingo “Farewell?” Elvis Costello & Steve Nieve “Costello & NIeve?” Don’t know if you need to listen to more live albums or I do!

  188. Marcus

    Whaaaat….???……No “Band of Gypsys” by Jimi Hendrix released April 1970…???….”Machine Gun” alone is the planet’s best live cut EVER…!!!……..

  189. Shaughn Ziech

    Stand In The Fire – Warren Zevon, Running On Empty – Jackson Browne, Genesis – Seconds Out, Bob Dylan& The Band – Before The Flood

    1. Jim Reilly

      I agree 100% on this album, also my two cents: David Bowie Live—1974. Play it loud with Earl Slick on lead guitar ! ! Love that album.

  190. Kerry Emery

    Yeah….Ten Years After Recorded Live, Grand Funk, Hendrix….. someone missed a few obvious ones….and a few others as well….

  191. Antonio

    The Doors Absolutely Live! Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys! John Mayall Turning Point! Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal! David Bowie Live at the Tower Philadelphia!

  192. patrick lopez

    What,not A single one of the Dead,s live albums ? And how the hell could you miss Hendrix,s Band of gypsies too? I,d add the short lived band “old and in the way”s only album as well. Was Dark side of the moon included? HOW the hell could it not be !!!

  193. Dan

    Grand Funk’s “Caught in the Act” needs to be on this list, and Led Zep’s “The Song Remains the Same” should be in the top five. Those are my two grips.

  194. Dan Bissonette

    Johnny Winter And Live should be on this. Honorable mention to Procal Harem and The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Buck Owens at Carnagie Hall.

  195. Doug

    Call me an old folkie, but Reckoning is my favorite live Dead album. Europe ’72 is also great. I could never figure out what was supposed to be so great about Live/Dead. It just seems noisy and long.

  196. Kin Bentley

    Huge omission: Band of Gypsys by Jimi Hendrix. No greater live album, especially that version of Machine Gun which alone is a masterpiece.

  197. Ronald van Blerck

    a list like this without Queen Live in Earls Court or Rock in Rio, Live in Budapest, Montreal or Wembley or anywhere else on the planet means you have an omission or the the list is too short.

  198. Glenn Smith

    NO Derek and the Dominos at Filmore… common ??? A bullshit list, Frampton yes, Stones yes, where is Hot August Night ?
    Purple made live in Japan a classic, where is Dylan at Budokhan 78 ? Sadly the Springsteen 75-78 isnt a live concert really, clapton and harrison is Japan is legendary and unrepeatable..a crap list

  199. Steve

    Little Feat “Waiting For Columbus, J Giels Band “Full House”, George Harrison “Bangladesh”, Bob Seger ” Live Bullet”

  200. Jim

    Yea, there’s no damn way KI-USS is ahead of Skynyrd, Rush, Cream, Zepplin, Cheap Trick . No damn way. Kiss is just a bunch of painted face poofters.

  201. Joe

    I canNOT believe Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band’s Live Bullet isn’t on this list! No overdubs, no sweetening in the studio! A hungry, road-tested band playing in front of their hometown friends!

  202. Fester Lester

    What is it with the Live At Leeds obsession? It’s an average live album and no way in the class of The Allman Brothers, Derek and the Dominoes, Hawkwind, Deep Purple, Zeppelin and so on. It’s…OK and that’s it.

  203. Patrick Vyncke

    1. Zappa: Roxy & elsewhere
    2. Colosseum: Live
    3. Gentle giant: Playing the fool
    4. Deep purple: Made in japan
    5. Robin Trower: Live
    6. the Who: Live at Leeds
    7. Jethro Tull: Bursting out
    8. UFO: Lights out
    9. Humble pie: performance – rockin’ at the Fillmore
    10. Camel: A live record

  204. P B

    Forget Grand Funk Redneck, Frampton and Song Remains the Same – for Led Zeppelin should have had “How the west was one” much better than Song remains the same. Where’s Bursting Out by Jethro Tull? And above all, where’s ‘The Jimi Hendrix Concerts’ – the rawest live album ever put together..



  206. Peter T Zselensky


  207. Carter

    You left out these? Little Feat – Waiting For Columbus, Van Morrison – It’s Too Late To Stop Now, CSNY – 4 Way Street, Hendrix – Band Of Gypsys & In The West, Grateful Dead – Europe ’72 & Reckoning, Jefferson Airplane – Bless Its Pointed Little Head, Traffic – Welcome To The Canteen & On The Road, Springsteen – Live Hammersmith Odeon London ’75, Tom Petty & Heartbreakers – Pack Up The Plantation

  208. Steveo

    i would have though Humble Pie would be higher in the list. Glad it made it though! One of my favorites! Oh and Genesis “Seconds Out” also greatness!

  209. Rich

    Derek & the Dominos “In Concert”
    Eric Clapton “Eric Clapton’s Rainbow Concert”
    J. Geils Band “Full House•Live”
    Big Brother & the Holding Company “Cheap Thrills”

  210. Clifton Isaacs

    Not a bad list, not at all. But noticeably absent was ROBIN TROWER LIVE! the one on his old label, Chrysalis. There are still songs on there that have spoiled me such that I can’t stand the original album versions, having heard the live ones first!

  211. jeff Buckley

    Started off strong then fell apart. No UFO Strangers in the Night, no AC/DC If you want Blood, no Foghat live, no Rory Gallagher – these are all easy top 10 albums. Bullshit list!

  212. Tony Besgrove

    Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsys? Ted Nugent – Double Live Gonzo? (MC5 should be higher in the chart IMHO)

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